ABreathOfFreshNothing This level is hard!

This level is rather difficult. It can challenge veteran players and most beginners cannot finish this level. Most players consider it to be a hard level. Even elite players may have trouble beating this in one attempt. Good luck in beating this level!

Nucharacter This level is a major plot point!

This level is a major level in the game. After you finish the level, you may be able to access other characters, minigames, and tunnels. Most of them also include a cutscene.

AchLevel You get an achievement!

This level has one or more achievements. The achievements are listed on the level infobox.

Introduction Edit

This is level 20 of the Winter Games.

Suggested characters: LizardFront RunnerFront

Gameplay Edit

Unlike the previous level, there isn't any mogul skiing in this level. The gaps between platforms are large, so jumping on the ramps are needed. Do high jumps as frequent as possible. This is one of the most important survival skills.

If you use a fast-paced character (namely Skater, which is very not recommended unless you want to make a speedrun or professional players or something), make use of the momentum and do long jumps while avoiding sharp turns at all cost (except dying), they can slow you down considerably, make you losing an edge.

End of Winter Games

The end of the Winter Games

But strangely, the end of the Winter Games are well-decorated, as seen in the photo. There are three large rings made of normal tiles, which isn't seen in other end of tunnels.

Strange, isn't it?

Perhaps since this is the Winter Games, the rings are like the velvet rope at the end of a marathon.

Plot Edit

After finishing this level, you will initiate a cutscene. More can be seen here.

Gold Medal Edit

After beating the Winter Games, part 20, a short cutscene will begin. The Child announces to the Skater that he won, and presents him with a "gold" medal. The Skater looks surprised and thanks the Child. However, when the Skater inspects the medal closer, he realizes that it is not made of gold, but bronze or copper. The Child responds, "Yeah, well, it was the closest I could find." The Skater accepts the medal anyways, saying, "It's the thought that counts."

Achievement Edit

You will automatically earn the achievement "Slipping and Sliding to Victory" from beating this level.

New Costumes Edit

You now have the Winter Costumes for the Runner and the Skater. They let the affected characters chafe better on ice. Tip: Choose the Ice Skater, go to part 16 of this tunnel, and try the achievement "Ramping Up".