Introduction Edit

This is level 15 of the Winter Games.

Suggested characters: LizardFront RunnerFront SkaterFront

Gameplay Edit

In this level, if you have already played Level 40 or bought the Lizard in the shop, we strongly recommend using the Lizard. Its high jump can ignore the mogul skiing (ice ramps stick together closely and tightly) thus letting it pass the level easily through jumping.

Playing as the Lizard or the Runner: Ignore the ice ramps on the ground and try to treat it as normal large platforms.

Playing as the Skater: Since the high amount of ice ramps make the character keep jumping, using the Skater will decrease his momentum quickly when he steps inside the mogul skiing zone. In some places where you need to jump, there may be mogul skiing and you may not gain enough momentum to jump, thus letting you fall into the void of space, while in some places where you need to jump, there aren't any ramps to skate on, making the level challenging. Therefore, look ahead of the ice ramps and be really careful.