Introduction Edit

This is level 14 of the Winter Games.

Suggested characters: LizardFront RunnerFront JackOLanternFront

Gameplay Edit

Lizard is recommended if you have already passed Level 40 or bought it in the shop. Its superior jump height and slow speed (which means high maneuverability) can let it jump over the large gaps, and able to walk all across the spiral shaped platforms, grating it an edge of beating this level.

If you don't have the Lizard, you can use the Runner or Jack-o-lantern alternatively. Using the Runner, do the high long jump and you can slow down your momentum by keep jumping while walking the spiral shaped platforms. You can use the exact same strategy of the Lizard while using the Jack-o-lantern.

There are ice-ramps in the level, but since the gaps are large and if you are using slower-paced character such as Lizard, you need to jump on the ramps, not just running onto it.

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