I just did some analysis on the last two weeks' worth of scores in Infinite mode. This only includes scores from the Flash version of Run 3.

Average score, without any respawns

Average score no respawns

The Duplicator leads the pack, followed by his son and the Student. I've gotten feedback from new-ish players that they do well with the Duplicator, so I'm not surprised.

Average score, without any respawns, >300m

Average score no respawns 300m

Scores under 300 meters were ignored, causing the Pastafarian to jump to the front. I guess a lot of people fall early when playing as her.

The Angel, Bunny, and Gentleman received a boost too. Maybe these characters require extra skill to master, so when you ignore the less-skilled players, you see much better results. (But in that case, wouldn't the Duplicator fall back?)

Don't read too much into the performance of the Runner, Skater, and Lizard. They're the first three characters a new player earns, so their average scores would naturally be lower.

Average score, with one respawn

Average score one respawn

The character listed is the second character used. I ignored the first character when gathering the data. (Otherwise, there would need to be a bar for all 90 possible combinations!)

I don't think there's much to learn from this. Maybe players choose the Duplicator when they did well with their first character, or maybe he's the reason for them doing well.

95th percentile score, without any respawns

95th percentile score no respawns

"95th percentile" means the score is in the top 5%. This helps filter for skill, but the sheer number of new players playing the Runner, Skater, and Lizard still drags them down. (When there are so many players playing those characters, it isn't too hard to get into the top 5%.)

Like in the >300m chart, the Duplicator and Student are clear winners. However, the Pastafarian is roughly tied with the Child and Gentleman, instead of being in first place.

99.9th percentile score, without any respawns

999th percentile score no respawns

"99.9th percentile means the score is in the top 0.1%. Now we're talking!

A few things that surprised me:

  1. The Bunny is in third place, ahead of the Duplicator.
  2. The Pastafarian is in last place, even though she was first when I tried a different way of filtering for skill. In fact, it looks like she got the same score each time. (Did only one person beat 300m with her in the past two weeks?)
  3. The scores are surprisingly close together: the worst one is nearly half the best one. (If you assume the Pastafarian's score was a fluke, the worst is more than half the best.)