• Player 03

    Highscore analysis

    May 12, 2016 by Player 03

    I just did some analysis on the last two weeks' worth of scores in Infinite mode. This only includes scores from the Flash version of Run 3.

    Average score, without any respawns

    The Duplicator leads the pack, followed by his son and the Student. I've gotten feedback from new-ish players that they do well with the Duplicator, so I'm not surprised.

    Average score, without any respawns, >300m

    Scores under 300 meters were ignored, causing the Pastafarian to jump to the front. I guess a lot of people fall early when playing as her.

    The Angel, Bunny, and Gentleman received a boost too. Maybe these characters require extra skill to master, so when you ignore the less-skilled players, you see much better results. (But in that case, wouldn't the Duplicato…

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