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    Subpost: Raw Data

    January 8, 2017 by Mathwiz100

    Note: This is not an analysis, but rather the collection of data used for the analyses.

    The first set of data is the set of trials peformed in June 2016. At the time, I did not know that I was even going to have an analysis (or five of them), so I was very casual about the way the trials were run. 

    Back then, my rules was that any result of less than 300m was disregarded (although when the value of a meter was doubled shortly after, this value became 600m). 

    In the second set of data, taken in August 2016, the spreadsheet which I used was organized into four columns per Character: A red column which measured the time of each run, a green column which listed the distance for each run, a yellow column which contained data from the June trials …

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  • Mathwiz100
    • The creator of this analysis does not claim to be as good at analyzing as Player 03, or even half as good.
    • This analysis has been created for the purpose of providing feedback and insight on the game and its characters.
    • This analysis's primary purpose... well, we'll get to that in a second.

    When the final rankings on who was the best in Infinite Mode was released, it seemed unfair that speed played as large of a factor as it did, seeing as the Lizard and Student, the two slowest Characters in the game, are actually quite skilled when it comes to distance and collecting power cells. Therefore, "Speed" is going to be generalized to "Physical Ability".  Physical ability is a combination of three qualities: speed, jumping, and maneuverability. Le…

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  • Mathwiz100

    The following is a list of advice/morals that Player 03 gave during the Run 3 Contest in 2014:


    • Dead ends. Every platform should be followed by another, within jumping distance.

    • Excessively long levels. Submit a set of levels rather than one insanely long level, ok?

    • Short/easy levels. I already made tutorial levels. The Skater should take longer than 5 seconds to beat it.

    • Making it too hard. The difficulty of level 65 is ok, but any harder is too much. Exception: if you submit a long level set, you can make the last one as hard as you like.


    • Stick to a theme. Choose two or three tile types, and only use those.

    • Playtest regularly. • If you establish a pattern of any sort, stick with it until the end of the level.

    • (Optional) Ma…

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  • Mathwiz100

    This blog will be used to store any information found from comments made by Player 03 regarding Run 3. I have no idea how this is going to work, but for now:

    @Aquastar: ... I'll let you determine how you want to use whatever is here.

    @Player 03: If I find as much information as I expect to... this should be interesting. Feel free to correct any information that is no longer valid (or conversely, confirm information that is valid).

    1. The Duplicator's “duplicates” are just images. There’s only ever one of him. It all works because of a bunch of REALLY advanced technology, and if he knew how to use said technology properly, he could travel at a good fraction of light speed without ever falling off. (Actually, all of them could, if they figured out…

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