Operation Level Guide

So, I've been planning to make a level guide for the whole Run 3 game, and this may be helpful for players who want to seek help from others. I know this is a tough job, so pls help out everyone

I made a new template: Level list, and this may be useful for creating pages for the level guides. 

I hope those who want to help out to help out now pls! :)


Main Tunnel (Finished)

WG (Finished)

LPT (Finished)

BSA (Finished)


B (Finished)




New Tunnel (Finished)


M (Finished)

F (Finished)


W (Finished)

Bridge building

  • box in BSA, part 6
  • box in BSA, part 7
  • box in U-8
  • box in BSA, part 1 [Runner]
  • box in T-4 [Runner]
  • box in M-5 [Skater]

Angel Mission

  • Know-it-all [Runner]
  • Show-off [Skater]
  • Crackpot and Sneak [Duplicator and his child]
  • Nerd and Lizard [Student and Lizard]
  • Meddler [Pastafarian]
  • Snob [Gentleman]



The Way Back

Level X (Finished)

Plan A

Launch Site A (Finished)

Launch Site C (Finished)

Plan C [Still updating]

C (I hope I don't run out of letters tunnel) [Still updating]

H [Still updating]

Words in italic is that the item is planned, but not totally sure that we would make it, but it has a high probability to be made. Still updating means that it is still updating, or hasn't been published yet, so the level guides must be kept refurnishing. The levels that are finished will be shown bold.

I think it would be better if the progress is shown. We will do the items one by one. Let's get started!

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