Operation Level Guide

So, I've been planning to make a level guide for the whole Run 3 game, and this may be helpful for players who want to seek help from others. I know this is a tough job, so please help out everyone.

I made a new template: Level list, and this may be useful for creating pages for the level guides. 

I hope those who want to help out to help out now pls! :)


Main Tunnel (Finished)

WG (Finished)

LPT (Finished)

BSA (Finished)

A (Finished)

B (Finished)

G (Finished)

L (Finished)

T (Finished)

New Tunnel (Finished)

CG (Finished)

M (Finished)

F (Finished)

U (Finished)

W (Finished)

Memory Evaluation 

Bridge building

  • Box in BSA, part 6 (Finished)
  • Box in BSA, part 7 (Finished)
  • Box in U-8 (Finished)
  • Box in BSA, part 1 [Runner]
  • Box in T-4 [Runner]
  • Box in M-5 [Skater]

Angel Mission

  • Know-it-all [Runner] (Finished)
  • Show-off [Skater] (Finished)
  • Crackpot and Sneak [Duplicator and his child] (Finished)
  • Meddler [Pastafarian] (Finished)
  • Nerd and Lizard [Student and Lizard]
  • Snob [Gentleman]

N (Finished)

I (Finished)

The Way Back

Level X (Finished)

Not the Way Back

Plan A

Launch Site A (Finished)

Launch Site C (Finished)

Plan C [Still updating]

C (I hope I don't run out of letters tunnel) [Still updating]

H [Still updating]

Still updating means that it is still updating, or hasn't been published yet, so the level guides must be kept refurnishing. The levels that are finished will be shown bold.

I think it would be better if the progress is shown. We will do the items one by one. Let's get started!