aka "One Punch Man"

  • I live in "Everywhere"
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is To eliminate the Earth
  • I am Unknown
  • Huggaso

    1000 Edits

    August 21, 2017 by Huggaso
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  • Huggaso

    Operation Level Guide

    June 21, 2017 by Huggaso

    So, I've been planning to make a level guide for the whole Run 3 game, and this may be helpful for players who want to seek help from others. I know this is a tough job, so please help out everyone.

    I made a new template: Level list, and this may be useful for creating pages for the level guides. 

    I hope those who want to help out to help out now pls! :)


    Main Tunnel (Finished)

    WG (Finished)

    LPT (Finished)

    BSA (Finished)

    A (Finished)

    B (Finished)




    New Tunnel (Finished)


    M (Finished)

    F (Finished)

    U (Finished)

    W (Finished)

    Bridge building

    • box in BSA, part 6
    • box in BSA, part 7
    • box in U-8
    • box in BSA, part 1 [Runner]
    • box in T-4 [Runner]
    • box in M-5 [Skater]

    Angel Mission

    • Know-it-all [Runner]
    • Show-off [Skater]
    • Crackpot and Sneak [Duplicator and his child]
    • Nerd…

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