Tunnels are long tubes formed from Tiles and boxes. Tunnels can be man-made or formed naturally by themselves. They are found in outer space, and they are initially connected to the Planet. All gameplay in the Run series takes place in tunnels.

The Tunnels (capital "T") are the setting of Run 3's Explore mode. They extend from the Planet to the Wormhole.

There is one Main Tunnel, consisting of sixty-five levels, which begins at the Planet. Several side tunnels branch off of the main tunnel (Level 28>>Low-power Tunnel), or even off of other side tunnels (Level B-9>>Level A-1). Some side tunnels playable later in the game are not connected to the main tunnel or side tunnels connected to the main tunnel, but rather floating a short distance away. These detached tunnels are believed to lead onward to the Wormhole. (Level N-1)

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