The River (Tunnel F) is a tunnel in Run 3: Explore Mode. It is unlocked after completing the M Tunnel.

The River (Tunnel F) is 5 levels long.

It is shown that The Child named this tunnel. He read a book that showed rivers on the Planet. Back then, it was only designated with the letter "F".

Once the Ringed Box sidequest is activated, one of the boxes can be found in Level 3 of The F Tunnel River. But when you press on the box in the River, part 3 (F-3), it will send you to M-5 with the Skater and a box.

All the levels come courtesy of Precarious, with a level set called "Riptide River Rapids".

Plot Edit

Here are some of the cutscenes that take place in this tunnel, the River (Or you can call the F-tunnel), and if you want more info, please go here.

Insanity Edit

After beating M-5, a cutscene will begin in which the Duplicator is watching the Runner's attempts to reach a tunnel in the distance. She had jumped multiple times to reach it, but fell short every time. The Duplicator asks the Runner if she knows what they say about going insane, because he thinks that the Runner is doing the same thing again and again while expecting a different outcome. The Runner responds that she is not doing the same thing before tripping off the edge. When she respawns, the Runner notices that the Duplicator drew on her map. He tells the Runner that it is a picture of her to "commemorate this moment" so they'll remember when she went crazy. The Runner is surprised, but she ignores it and jumps again, this time successfully reaching the next tunnel. After the cutscene is finished, the player will start The River, part 1 with whichever character they used last. However, next time the map is viewed, the player can see that a badly drawn image of the Runner sticking her tongue out had been drawn near the gap between M-5 and The River, part 1 (F-1). Clicking on this drawing will initiate the cutscene again at any time.

River Edit

After beating F-3, a cutscene starring the Duplicator and Child will begin. The Child says that he calls the F-Tunnel "The River" and explains that it is a "thin blue line on the surface of the planet." He continues saying that rivers are really wavy, like the tunnel, and he saw one in a book. The Duplicator says that books are fiction, and the Child replies with, "Yeah, Yeah."

Socratic Method Edit

After beating F-5, the Runner agrees to let the Child name the F tunnel. Then the Child suggests to move the A-tunnel towrds the Box Storage Area tunnel. But the Runner says it is not there and the Child says the map is lying. Then he changes the name f the tunnel into the River.

After this cutscene the F-tunnel will be changed into the River.According to the order: F-1, F-2, F-3, F-4, F-5

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