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The River (F-Tunnel) is a tunnel in Run 3: Explore Mode. It is unlocked after completing the M-Tunnel.

Once the Bridge Building side-quest is activated, one of the boxes can be found in The River, part 3.

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The following is a brief description of the story in The River (F-Tunnel). More information on the story can be found here.

Insanity Edit

After beating Level M-5, a cutscene will begin in which the Duplicator is watching the Runner's attempts to reach a tunnel in the distance. She kept trying, but she fell short every time. The Duplicator asks the Runner if she has gone insane, but the Runner denies it. When she respawns, the Runner notices that the Duplicator drew on her map. The Duplicator says that this is to "commemorate the moment" she has gone insane, before the Runner finally makes it past the gap and reaches the F-Tunnel.

Socratic Method Edit

After beating F-5, the cutscene 'Socratic Method" will begin, in which the Runner agrees to let the Child change the name of the F-tunnel, but nothing else. She goes on to explain why, showing him that if, for example, she moved the position of level A-1 to the end of the Box Storage Area, the map would be wrong because there's nothing there. The Child understands, so the Runner allows him to change the name from "F-Tunnel" to "The River". After this cutscene, the F-Tunnel is changed to "The River" on the map.

Trivia Edit

  • All the levels in The River were made by Precarious, who originally named the level set "Riptide River Rapids". They were implemented into the main story on [date].
  • There is an old cutscene that used to be in this level. More about this can be found here.

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Insanely hard
The levels of The River (F-Tunnel)
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