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Introduction Edit

This is level 4 of The River.

Suggested character: RunnerFront

Gameplay Edit

This level is definitely for the Runner. Try hard to navigate through platforms, and jump high. Land on another platform and you will reach the middle part with lots of rings. Since the rings are made purely out of ramps, you don't have to jump, but when you reach the last ring, do a big long jump and try to fly in the air for a large halve in the next part. You will then beat this level.

Notes: The boxes are not a threat. Just try to avoid them when you want to gain some momentum.

Achievement Edit

There is an achievement in this level - Planning Makes Perfect.

You need to pass this level without jumping and without using any tunnel-powered abilities (i.e. not the Duplicator or the Pastafarian) in order to gain this achievement. Therefore, you need to use the Skater or the Child. Go right at the beginning and then make use of ramps and the side of the boxes. A walkthrough of this achievement can be seen in this page.