Introduction Edit

This is level 2 of the The River. It is formerly called Level F-2, but after beating Level F-5, the level's name will be changed into The River, part 2.

Suggested character: RunnerFront

Gameplay Edit

In this level, you can use the Runner to beat this level more easily. Just jump on alternate platforms, and if you are not confident enough, you can stop and stand behind a box, try to plan ahead of where to jump and what you will do next. This may help.

Sometimes, the platforms are too far enough. Try to stand on a side of a box, it works like standing on a wall, and you may suddenly find yourself being in the upper part of the level (which may be cool), or in the lower part. The effects may vary, so you may need to have the skills of doing this, before this works completely.

Although this is hard, this level doesn't really require you to do this, so this level shouldn't be too hard to you.