Normal gameplay Angel Missions

Introduction Edit

This is level 8 of The Crystal Gallery.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront LizardFront BunnyFront

Gameplay Edit

Honestly, it's hard to see how a character can 'not work' on this level, because the jumps are the right length for just about every character. Here are the three characters that are best for this level, over everyone else.

The Runner can do anything if you put your mind to it, so there really isn't much more to say about her. The Lizard jumps high- about half the height of the tunnel. So you could use it to navigate the level.

If you just want to get the level over with, I would recommend the Bunny. One jump goes a long, long way, and you can change walls if you don't see any landing space directly in front of you.

Overall, I don't see a problem with this level, and no matter what you do or what character you use, you'll get there in the end.