Introduction Edit

This is level 6 of the The Crystal Gallery.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront SkaterFront DuplicatorFront

Gameplay Edit

The Runner can beat this level with ease, as usual.

She can use small jumps to big jumps to anywhere in between. Just jump from platform to platform and change gravity every now and then, depending on the situation. When you need to turn quickly, stay on the ground to take advantage of the extra maneuverability. You can also slow down the speed by keep jumping. This can slow down your speed definitely, but it may cause you to sometimes overshoot the path. Still, it should not be too hard. Yet, you have to be careful.

The Skater is not as good as the Runner, but he is good. He can jump far to skip large chunks of the level. Or use small jumps to hop forward about 3 tiles. Using the Skater will require much more judgement on your part. The Skater is probably the preferred choice of speed-runners (if they don't have the Angel).

The Duplicator is actually the best character for the level, but it is last on the list because of its hefty cost. He is better than the Runner because he has multiple lives and can use other duplicates to jump very far.

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