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It's just so frustrating that I have to start over every time I fall.

This achievement is rather difficult and is considered quite hard. Due to its hard difficulty, the number of power cells is higher than most achievements. Infinite Mode level achievements are not affected by this and they still keep their 25-75 power cell rewards.

Introduction Edit

The Conscientious Lagomorph is an achievement in Run 3.

Suggested character: BunnyFront

Note: Since the Bunny is the only character who can complete the achievement, it will be the only suggested character.

Gameplay Edit

You'll have to rely on the Bunny's bouncing to complete this achievement. What makes this achievement difficult is that you're trying to avoid the crumbling tiles. Because the Bunny is quick and hard to control, it's easy to accidentally touch a crumbling tile. The best tip is to go on the platforms with the least crumbling tiles, but other than that, good luck beating this achievement!

Walkthrough Edit

The Conscientious Lagomorph - Run 3

The Conscientious Lagomorph - Run 3

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