The Student, grabbing something from her backpack.

The Student is a major character in Run 3. She spends her spare time doing experiments, and seems to be a good enough scientist that both the Runner and the Gentleman come to her when they're stumped.

The Student is an introvert. She turned down the Pastafarian's invitation to a party in order to run tests, and insisted that she was happy doing so.


The Student can only be unlocked by buying her in the shop for 10000 power cells. She can also be used temporarily during The Way Onwards, due to her significant role in that part of the story. However, the Student is not unlocked after finishing The Way Onwards, and still must be bought in the shop.

The Student is one of the slower characters in the game, at 9m/s.

Before the update, the Student can disable gravity during a jump, allowing her to float slowly upwards or downwards. When she hits a wall, gravity comes back. She can maneuver in midair, giving her fine control over where she lands.

But after the update, when you press the jump button again when she is jumping, she will float upwards (in an upside down style) until you release your finger. You can still maneuver her by using left and right, but you can't control her as freely as before. When you release your finger, she will turn upright again and fall quickly to the floor due to gravity. But if you release your finger too late, the gravity on the ceiling may make you land on the ceiling instead of the floor, so this is actually both an advantage and a disadvantage. Though you can't float so freely like before, you can still jump very far away using this way. Landing may prove a little difficulty, since you need to know hen to release your finger, to let her land, especially when you need to land on a small area.

The Student has one of the worst jumps in the game, but she can extend it by disabling gravity after she reaches the apex.

Infinite Mode Trivia Edit

  • The Student loves Sci-fi movies, but she's annoyed by the usual portrayal of aliens as tall red men.
  • The Student may be the least athletic person here, but she makes up for it by finding easier ways to get around.
  • The Student's Philosophy: Always try to think of different explanations. If you already know the answer, do it anyway for practice.
  • Whoever made the tunnels was clever. Since tiles attract each other, tunnels can repair themselves automatically. It also means assembling a tunnel is as easy as tossing a stack of tiles into space.
  • What's the point of taking finals? The student is learning just fine on her own, thank you very much.
  • The Student knows she promised to explain how she controls gravity, but the device is so poorly built that she'd be embarrassed to let anyone see. Maybe once she has time to make a better one.
  • A good way to learn how something works is to pay attention to when it breaks. For instance, Gravity gets weaker when the power goes out.

Other Trivia Edit

  • On the Angel's list for going home, she is referred to as "The Nerd".
  • Shown in the Skater's box the Student want's a henchman to help her.

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