Did you draw on my map
Did you draw on my map?

This page contains spoilers. Read at own risk.

Run 3 is the first Run game to introduce a storyline, mainly told through cutscenes. Most cutscenes appear after completing a tunnel, but others show up when you click on a drawing on the map.

As of January 7, 2017, there is a cutscene gallery in the main menu. Any cutscene seen by the player before can be viewed again in the gallery. The cutscenes are displayed in chronological order, and their official names can be seen when moused over.

Before the update that added the cutscene gallery, the only way to view most cutscenes again was to play the level before it again. However, a few cutscenes could also, or could only be, viewed by clicking on a drawing on the map. The exception was the "Batteries" cutscene which could only be viewed by clicking the upgrade in the shop again after it is bought.

An asterisk (*) after the name means the Child is hiding in the background of the cutscene.

Coming Through
Batteries* (Optional)
Batteries Optional
Heavy Sleeper
Heavy Sleeper
Nice To Meet You*
Gold Medal
Socratic Method
Socratic Method
Don't Knock It*
Dont knockit
Wasn't That Cheating? (Hidden)
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Screenshot 2018-04-26 at 1.10.58 PM

Coming Through Edit

After beating Level 10 with the Runner, a cutscene will begin featuring her and the Skater. The Skater is skating through the tunnel when he runs into the Runner and knocks her over. When she falls, she lets go of her map and it floats up to the ceiling of the tunnel. He apologizes for running into her and attempts to retrieve the map by skating around the tunnel. However, as he goes around the tunnel towards the map, it moves away from him. The Skater notices and wonders out loud what it's doing. The Runner comments that it's probably just following the gravity in the tunnel. The Skater jumps in an attempt to reach it but falls back down to the same side that the Runner is standing on. The Skater thinks that it is stuck, but the Runner tells him to jump. They both jump at the same time and flip around to land on the ceiling. The Skater picks up the map and hands it back to the Runner before skating off in the other direction. The Runner calls after him that she didn't catch his name, but the Skater simply responds, "There's no time for that. I've got exploring to do!" When playing through the level and watching the cutscene for the first time, the last frame will turn darker and say "Choose your character!" You will then have the choice to play as either the Runner or the Skater as you continue on to the next level. However, if you view the cutscene in the gallery, this last frame will not appear.

Batteries* (Optional) Edit

After unlocking permission to refer to power cells as batteries in the shop, a one-frame cutscene will show in Winter Games, part 3. It appears to be the end of a conversation between the Student and the Skater over whether power cells should be called batteries. The Student tells the Skater that "power cells" and "batteries" mean the same thing, and everyone already uses batteries. The Skater argues that saying "power cells" sounds smarter, to which the Student responds, "Who cares about sounding smart? Just talk normally." The cutscene can be viewed again by clicking on the upgrade in the shop after it is bought.

This cutscene can also be shown again in the Cutscene Gallery.

Heavy Sleeper Edit

After beating Level 40, a rather unique cutscene will begin, featuring the Skater and the Lizard, and showing how the B-Tunnel was first discovered.

The Skater has just finished Level 40, and runs into the sleeping Lizard. He starts to apologize to the Lizard, saying he was caught off guard when the gravity changed. Then he realizes that the Lizard is fast asleep, and moves on. The next slide displays a line of text saying "Choose your character," and gives the option of picking either the Lizard or the Skater. Clicking the Skater will allow you to continue onward in the Main Tunnel as him, whereas choosing the Lizard extends the cutscene and lets you begin to explore the newly discovered B-Tunnel.

The extended cutscene fades to black after picking the Lizard, then shows the Lizard waking up after some time. The Lizard wanders back through the previous level into the B-Tunnel. The screen will then cut straight to the Lizard playing Level B-1, the first level of the B-Tunnel.

  • 'Heavy Sleeper' is unique in that it is one of the two cutscenes to feature a "Choose your character" screen, with the other being 'Coming Through'. It is also the only one that has the possibility of an extended cutscene.
  • Viewing 'Heavy Sleeper' in the Cutscene gallery will show the full, extended cutscene every time. However, the "Choose your character" screen is absent from this version.
  • This cutscene is only activated if you play through and finish the level as the Skater; every other character, including the Lizard, will just progress straight to Level 41 with no interruption.

Nice to Meet You* Edit

After beating W-3, a conversation will begin between the Angel and Runner. The Runner says, "I'm the Runner. Aka the Cartographer." The Angel responds saying that he is known as the highest paid engineer on the planet. He then compliments her by saying that she looks gorgeous, but the Runner is unimpressed because she looks "exactly the same as anyone you'd meet on the Planet" and asks why the Angel likes her looks. The Angel says that he appreciates the natural look and after the Runner suggests that he should compliment women by their personality and not by their looks, the Angel offers to work together to find a way home. The Runner likes the offer at first, saying that she could always use more volunteers, but after the Angel suggests that they should work together without the Student and the Skater because he'd be more helpful than any of them, the Runner walks away, not impressed with his ego.

Gold Medal Edit

After beating the Winter Games, part 20, a short cutscene will begin. The Child announces to the Skater that he won, and presents him with a "gold" medal. The Skater looks surprised and thanks the Child. However, when the Skater inspects the medal closer, he realizes that it is not made of gold, but bronze (or maybe copper). The Child responds, "Yeah, well, it was the closest I could find." The Skater accepts the medal anyways, saying, "It's the thought that counts."

Insanity Edit

After beating M-5, a cutscene will begin in which the Duplicator is watching the Runner's attempts to reach a tunnel in the distance. She had jumped multiple times to reach it, but fell short every time. The Duplicator asks the Runner if she knows what they say about going insane, because he thinks that the Runner is doing the same thing again and again while expecting a different outcome. The Runner responds that she is not doing the same thing before tripping off the edge. When she respawns, the Runner notices that the Duplicator drew on her map. He tells the Runner that it is a picture of her to "commemorate this moment" so they'll remember when she went crazy. The Runner is surprised, but she ignores it and jumps again, this time successfully reaching the next tunnel. After the cutscene is finished, the player will start The River, part 1 with whichever character they used last. However, next time the map is viewed, the player can see that a badly drawn image of the Runner sticking her tongue out had been drawn near the gap between M-5 and The River, part 1 (F-1). Clicking on this drawing will initiate the cutscene again at any time.

River Edit

After beating F-3, a cutscene starring the Duplicator and Child will begin. The Child says that he calls the F-Tunnel 'The River'. The Duplicator seems confused as to what a river is, so the Child explains that it is a "thin blue line on the surface of the Planet." He continues to say that rivers are really wavy, like the tunnel, and he saw one in a book. The Duplicator reminds him that books are fiction, and the Child replies with, "Yeah, Yeah."

Socratic Method Edit

After beating F-5, a cutscene will begin in which the Runner agrees to let the Child change the name of the F-tunnel, but nothing else. She goes on to explain why, showing him that if, for example, she moved the position of Level A-1 to the end of the Box Storage Area, the map would be wrong because there's nothing there. The Child understands, so the Runner allows him to officially change the name from 'F-Tunnel' to 'The River'.

After this cutscene, the F-Tunnel is changed to "The River" on the map.

Don't Knock It* Edit

After beating L-5, a cutscene will begin featuring the Angel and the Skater. The Skater has been trying to run through L-4, however, because of his skates, he keeps going too fast and falling off. The Angel watches these repeated unsuccessful attempts from the start of the level. After observing the Skater fall several times, he eventually runs in front of the Skater as he respawns to stop him. The Skater tells him to get out of the way, but the Angel persists in blocking the Skater as he begins to argue with the latter. He tells the Skater that his skates "make his life harder", and that he'll "have an easier time if he slows down." The Skater responds, "Skating is fun! Don't knock it off until you try it," and proceeds to skate through the level. The Angel watches him go, saying to himself, "You know, some of us use tools to solve problems..."

Wasn’t That Cheating? (Hidden) Edit

After beating B-4 without jumping, a cutscene will feature. Wasn’t That Cheating? The Child is standing in B-4. Apparently, the Skater did not jump in this level. As the Skater skates by, the Child asks “Wasn’t that cheating?” The Skater simply says that it was fun and skates off.

  • This cutscene was discovered and shown on the Run 3 Discord.

Teapot* Edit

After beating B-13, a drawing of a teapot will appear on the map. When clicked on, a cutscene will begin in A-2 featuring an argument between the Runner and the Pastafarian. The Pastafarian had drawn a Teapot on the Runner's map, saying that it was missing. The Runner asks her to only doodle things that exist, but the Pastafarian insists that the Teapot does. The Runner asks if she can see it, but the Pastafarian tells her that it is too small to see. The only reason she gives for its existence is that "The Flying Spaghetti Monster places a teapot in every solar system." The Teapot Cutscene can be viewed again by clicking on the teapot drawing on the map.

  • The teapot is a reference to Russell's Teapot, a hypothetical teapot floating around in space.

Boring Edit

After beating B-13, a cutscene will begin in B-12 featuring the Child and the Student. The Child asks the Student why she doesn't have a lab coat although she's a scientist. She answers that she doesn't need one, and to justify her answer, she begins to explain what science is until the Child stops her. He complains that school science is boring, and tells her to talk about movie science instead. The Student tries to protest that "school" science doesn't have to be boring. The Child ignores her, saying that all his teachers say that too, but they're wrong. When the Student tells him that she could be the exception, the Child just says "No thanks. I don't need science anyways." The Student mumbles "Oh, so that's why..." then out loud she responds, "Let get back to you on this."

Change the Subject Edit

After beating Level 65 of the Main Tunnel, a cutscene will begin showing a conversation between the Pastafarian and the Skater. The Pastafarian thanks the Skater for returning her wooden spoon after she lost it. The Skater acknowledges her thanks and goes on to ask how she is doing, but gets cut off when the Pastafarian tells him that, "The Flying Spaghetti Monster extends His gratitude as well." The Skater blurts out that he can't believe that she believes in 'magic sky food.' The Pastafarian mumbles something along the lines of "Did you really just say that?" but aloud she tells him that it's fine and that the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn't excessively penalize non-believers, and that she won't hold it against him. The Skater seems to be bored, and in an attempt to change the subject, he asks the Pastafarian about her hobbies. She says that she likes cooking, reading, and knife throwing, at which point the Skater interrupts and asks for a demonstration. The Pastafarian agrees, and uses her spoon like a "blade-heavy throwing knife" to show him. As she begins her demonstration, the camera angle rotates and zooms out until the characters can't be heard any more. This is possibly because the developer didn't want players learning how to throw a knife.

  • The Skater originally called the Flying Spaghetti Monster 'sentient flying pasta' rather than 'magic sky food'. This may have been changed in order to make the Skater seem more childish, as he is one of the younger characters. Also, the Pastafarian's mumbling text was originally absent as well.
  • If you zoom in the screen enough, you can see what the Pastafarian said. She said, "Hitting a target requires a specific combination of throwing speed and angle, based on your distance away." This can be seen after you zoomed in at least 200%.

Planet Missing Edit

After beating a total of fifty levels, the Planet icon on the map will glow yellow the next time the map is viewed. Clicking on the Planet will initiate a cutscene showing a conversation between the Pastafarian and the Duplicator. The cutscene shows the two characters discovering that the Planet has disappeared, and takes place where they first entered the tunnels. It is implied that this is the first time that any of the characters realized that the Planet was gone. The cutscene can be viewed again at any time by clicking on the Planet icon, however, it will not glow after the first time it is watched.

Planet Stolen* Edit

Upon clicking on U-1, a cutscene will begin in Level 37 showing a discussion between the Duplicator and the Runner about the strange disappearance of the Planet. The Duplicator tells the Runner that the Planet is gone, but she only says "It'll come back." Then the Duplicator accuses the Runner of being the one who stole the planet, to which the Runner responds, "I think I'll ignore that entirely," and the two proceed to map out the next tunnel.

Student Teacher* Edit

Upon clicking on the Power Cell doodle on the map, a cutscene will begin in U-2 in which the Gentleman seeks advice from the Student. The Gentleman tells the Student that instead of power cells being attracted to the electromagnet in his hat, they instead pull him toward them. He asks if he might have installed the electromagnet in backwards. The Student tries not to laugh, showing that she already knows the answer. The Student tells the Gentleman that 'finding something unexpected' is step one of the scientific method, and step two is thinking of a reason. The Student says that they need to test his theory, so she tells him to turn around while she brings a power cell out of her backpack. She turns it on and tosses it toward the middle of the Tunnel. The Gentleman flies toward it and goes off the screen. He presumably fell out of the tunnel as he reappears back at the beginning of the tunnel. He runs toward the Student, shouting angrily how he was shocked that she would abuse his trust and demanded that she tell him before doing anything similar again. The Student apologizes, saying that she thought he realized what she was doing. She asks him what he learned from the test, to which the Gentleman responds, "That you are not to be trusted!" and "That you consider me a grade school child!" He finally agrees that they learned that electromagnets work in all directions. The Student also bring up that there was a delay between when she tossed the battery and when it started pulling, but the Gentleman didn't seem to notice. She suggests repeating the experiment, this time with the Gentleman looking, but he refuses. As he leaves, he says, "I will retain this this power cell as compensation for your insult."

  • The power cell can be any color, and may change if the cutscene is watched multiple times. However, the power cell will always be yellow when the Student is holding it.
  • If you watch the cutscene at least up to the part where the Gentleman flies toward the power cell before skipping, you will get a power cell. But if you skip from the beginning, you will not get a power cell.

Join Us* Edit

After beating A-9, a cutscene will begin in which the Pastafarian invites the Student to come to a party. The Student declines because she isn't in the mood for a party and she has to run tests. The Pastafarian presses her again, telling the Student that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is coming too. The Student seems to reconsider at hearing this, excited by the prospect of meeting the Flying Spaghetti Monster. However, when the Pastafarian informs her that "He'll be invisible and intangible, as usual," the Student politely refuses again and continues to run tests. The Pastafarian expresses concern for the Student, as she is worried that she spends too much time alone, but the Student insists that she is happy doing her experiments.

Orbits Edit

After beating U-10, another cutscene starring the Duplicator and the Runner will begin. The Duplicator whispers to the Runner asking where she put the Planet, and that he promises not to tell anyone. The Runner looks exasperated as she explains once again that she didn't steal it. She then leaves to map out another tunnel and tells the Duplicator to "Catch up once you realize that the Planet orbits faster than us."

Candy Edit

After beating the Low-power Tunnel, a cutscene featuring the Child and the Angel will begin. At the end of the Low-power Tunnel, the Child finds a bag of candy. He announces this loudly and holds it above his head. The Angel is standing in the background, but he barely reacts when he hears the Child. The Child then disappears from the cutscene and the focus switches to the Angel. What appears to be his thoughts show on the screen as follows: "Another dead end. Well, at least one of us got something out of it this time. But you know what?" The Angel turns around. "I'm done with all this. I'm done waiting for the Runner to get us home. Now its my turn, whether she likes it or not."

  • The Child actually didn't like the candy when he tried it later, and burned it instead.

Naming Edit

After beating D-14, a cutscene will begin in D-12 showing a conversation between the Runner and the Gentleman. The Gentleman tells the Runner that he is concerned about her "naming convention" for tunnels, saying that they are "arbitrary" and "uninformative", and that they will reflect poorly upon the group when they return to the Planet. The Runner mumbles that it doesn't matter that much, but she allows him to name a tunnel or two. Then she runs back through the tunnel while the Gentleman considers the different factors needed to make a good name. Afterwards, the screen cuts to the map, where the player can see that the D-Tunnels have been renamed "The Crystal Gallery" by the Gentleman. Two small text bubbles will pop up on the bottom of the screen one after the other saying, "Note to self..." and "Don't let the Gentleman name any more tunnels," respectively.

  • The level that the cutscene takes place in appears to be D-12, not D-14.

Inflation* Edit

After beating G-10, a cutscene featuring the Duplicator and Gentleman will begin. The Duplicator says that he thinks that he found why the government in trying to keep them out. At first he thought it was to keep them unaware to the existence of alien technology. Then he says he was collecting power cells and earned a whole year's wages. Then he says the Government is trying to keep them all poor. The Gentleman says it is because they want to delay inflation, but the Duplicator says it is nonsense and guessed that the Gentleman collected 20,000 power cells. The Gentleman denies and says, "No comment."

  • Inflation is an economical term meaning the increase of price on certain products.
  • Poverty is an economical term used to describe how poor a person is.

Wormhole in Sight Edit

After beating T-7, a cutscene featuring the Runner and the Skater will begin. The Skater meets up with the Runner at the end of T-7, where the Wormhole can be seen very clearly. He complains to the Runner that they were "almost there." At first, he doesn't even know what the Wormhole is, only that they're trying to reach it. The Runner explains that the Student had identified it as a wormhole earlier, and that it connects to another point in the Universe. The Skater asks how they're going to reach it from T-7, but the Runner seems like she didn't plan to start from there. She tells him, "First, let's try the easy way: Check for any tunnels we missed." Then the Skater skates back the way he came to start searching.

Self Assembly Edit

Upon clicking on the first level of the New Tunnel, a cutscene will start, featuring the Child and the Duplicator. The Child noticed a tunnel branching out from the Low-power Tunnel, and sought the fact that there were floating tiles everywhere and starts to form a tunnel. The Duplicator said that the tunnels are alive, and the Child thinks that it is a 'baby tunnel'. The Duplicator then jumps into the tunnel, saying that they could be listening to us, but they could talk in the New Tunnel because newborns don't understand speech.

Conspiracy Edit

After beating the new tunnel, a cutscene starring the Duplicator and his son will begin. The Duplicator says that they will review what they know about the conspiracy. The Child is confused, because he never noticed any conspiracy. The Duplicator then explains his theory, saying what he knows about each of the characters, and how he thinks they are involved.

  • The Skater always skates around everywhere. The Duplicator says he must be the messenger for the group.
  • The Pastafarian is always talking about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and the Duplicator recognizes this as scaring people into submission.
  • The Gentleman is the treasurer for the group. The Duplicator says they can take this to their advantage, as they put a greedy person in charge for their money.
  • The Child says that the Angel is mean and wants to go home. The Duplicator is surprised, saying that splitting up is unusual for conspiracies. The Child then says he worked at the factory, and the Duplicator says he is a government agent.
  • The Child mentions that the Runner is very nice. The Duplicator tells him that it is a just ploy to make people do what she says.
  • The Child observes that the Student just sits around most of the time, saying she's doing science, but 'she doesn't even have a clipboard.' The Duplicator seems to think this is significant, and declares that they need to find what the Student is truly up to.

After all of this, the Child says he doesn't want to play a game where the Runner is bad. The Duplicator tells him that it is no game, saying,'Recognizing conspiracies is a vital life skill.'

  • It is shown that the Child can't pronounce 'conspiracy' properly. He says 'conpiracy' in frame two of the cutscene, and then 'conspirspacy' in frame thirteen, implying that he is quite young.

My Turn Edit

After beating Box Storage Area, part 11, a cutscene featuring the Runner and the Angel will begin. The Angel demands that the Runner give him her map, saying "It's not like you're using it." He goes on to complain that she's had more than enough time to find a way back home, and asks for the map once again. The Runner protests, "How come everyone already wants to go home?" revealing that she has no desire to go back to the Planet yet. This cutscene marks the beginning of the Angel Missions.

The Next Big Thing Edit

After finding the Skater, the Angel asks if he wants to go back to the planet and the Skater refuses. He says he's not ready for competition for the next big sport tunnel running. He claims to have finished 49 laps, which means he finished every level 49 times. The Angel says,"You think this is some sort of game?", the skater replies with,"More like a sport." When the Angel reminds him about going home for a second time, he says,"Can it wait?", and does not go home with the Angel.

The Gap Edit

After you click the bridge-building minigame the Student and the Runner are at the end of B-13 and it is said that the Skater saw a tunnel far away. The Runner needs help getting across so she asks the Student for help. The Student is all for it.

Something Weird Edit

After you click the bridge-building mini-game and play a bit the Student will find two rings on a box so she messes around with it (by jumping on the box) and she falls and grabs on to the ring. Then she pushes it and then the cutscene ends.

Tell a Friend Edit

After a bit of bridge-building mini-game a cutscene appears starring the Student and the Runner. The Student shows the Runner the box and then the Runner asks how it works. And then the Student launches into a long paragraph about what she thinks about its abilities. Then the Runner says she should rephrase her question. She meant they need more of them and where can she find them. Then the Student says to follow her.

You Think? Edit

After finding the Duplicator in the Angel Missions, a cutscene with the Duplicator, Child, and Angel will show up. The Angel says he has good news: they can go home. The Child says he doesn't want to go, but the Duplicator agrees, saying that he thinks his wife may be worried. The Angel says, "You Think? I used to think you were an irresponsible idiot. Turns out, I was right." The Child pleads for his father not to go with the Angel, but he goes anyway.

Lightning Strikes Twice Edit

After finding the second box, the Student shows it to the runner in this cutscene. The Student says that they should test it to compare to the first one, but the Runner says to save the science for later and just find more, and that is what they do.

Friendly Greeting* Edit

The Angel meets the Pastafarian on Level 47 and suggests that the Pastafarian misses her 'weird cult' and she accepts. She also tells the Angel not to act superior and rude. Despite that, he still calls the way she runs stupid.

Indecision Edit

The Angel tells the Pastafarian that it's time to split up. The Pastafarian does so, and runs off. The Angel has his little celebration about not having to see the Pastafarian again. It also reveals that he thinks the Pastafarian is a jerk. He also wants to just ditch the Pastafarian, but that just wouldn't work.

Standards to Uphold Edit

The Angel finds the Gentleman, and the Gentleman is willing to come home. He doesn't want to go now cause his project wasn't ready, saying he shouldn't do so in the Angel's company and the Gentleman had standards to uphold. The Gentleman strolls away, and the Angel stands alone.

Don't Question It (Optional) Edit

If you click on the box on The River, part 3, after you open the bridge building minigame and get the skater and push the box to the Student and the cutscene appears. The Skater says he doesn't want to do science but have fun. The Skater says that some things shouldn't be questioned. The Student disagrees. The Skater asks why. She says that questions lead to discoveries. The Skater says that it was a rhetorical question.

It's Just You Edit

The Angel finds the Lizard and asks if he wants to come with him. When the Lizard doesn't reply, the Angel says he's on schedule and pushes the Lizard off the platform.

This shows that the Angel hates the lizard.

Leave It Here (Optional) Edit

This cutscene is from an optional box from the Bridge Building cutscene. After you finish pushing the box out of Level T-4 with the Runner, you will successfully initiate the cutscene.

The Runner is trying to push a box on Level T-4, and gives up. So instead she takes the ring off the box, and puts it on another one to push back into Level T-3. She then pushed the original box next to a platform and said that this place always needed some stepping stone here. It is revealed that the rings just work in any box.

Affliction Edit

Student meets the Gentleman, and Gentleman asks her if she arrived at a solution to his affliction. The Student tells him about the rings she found on the boxes, but the Gentleman doesn't accept her answers, nor doing a test with her, as he thinks this is not valuable. The conversation ends by the Student saying," Then I don't know what you are expecting to do."

Discoveries Edit

The Angel and the Student meet during the Angel Mission (The Nerd). Angel tells the Student to go home with him, but the Student says there are many interesting things to discover in space. Angel questions him by asking what she could discover in space. The Student then says there are many scientific discoveries can be done, such as:

  • Gravity manipulation (Maybe talking about the rings?)
  • Force fields (Maybe talking about the Pastafarian's light bridge?)
  • Holograms (Maybe talking about the Duplicator's alien technology that can duplicate himself?)
  • Teleportation (Maybe talking about how do they respawn?)

Then, the Angel says that he discovered the yellow rings seven and a half months before Student and Runner. Then, the Student says it is not enough to stick a ring on their head and need to understand the science about the rings and they can build one from scratch. Then she insists that she and Runner can research the rings better than the actual scientist can.

Protip Edit

After reaching the backwards Level U-8 box push during the Bridge Building, when someone presses the home button, this cutscene will be initiated.

The Student complains about she is frustrated to push the box all over the tunnel every time she falls out the tunnel. The Runner then asks her about does she know how to teleport without moving the box as well. The Runner then tells her that if she teleports while being very calm, the box won't move. Then, if you keep on Bridge Building using the Student, you won't need to start over every time you falls out of the tunnel. It is revealed that the Student doesn't know this beforehand as before this cutscene happens, using the Runner doesn't need to push the box in every turn, but if you use the Student, every time she teleports, the box will go back to it's original location.

It is unknown why the box won't return to their original location if they teleport calmly, as the Runner says she had no idea, but the Student suspects that the tunnels can sense their emotions via the movement of the air particles, thus making the box move. She thinks that this hypothesis is unlikely to be true, but possible.

Although there are no boxes in Level 53, the cutscene happens in Level 53.

Crossing the Gap Edit

After you use the Student to collect a number of boxes in the Bridge Building minigame, when you push the n th box to the rendervous point in B-13, you will meet the Runner with a pile of ringed boxes. Then she asks the Student if that's enough, and the Student says it is. Runner still thinks it is not enough since they can meet another large gap like this, but the Student says she planed ahead too much and says she doesn't want to collect a hundred more boxes. The Runner agrees and they jump on top of the boxes and reach Tunnel N-1.

Angel vs. Bunny Edit

(upon clicking The Way Back, part 1)

There the Angel leads the Duplicator and the Child towards the Winter Games, part 9, and they meet the Pastafarian and Bunny. The Bunny bounces on top of Angel, and the Child agrees it to do so. Then Angel kicks the Bunny away. The Angel tells them to follow his instructions and don't get into any trouble. They then set off to The Way Back.

Revision Edit

After beating the Memory Evaluation, part 2, a cutscene featuring the Gentleman begins. The Gentleman notes that the simple design of the tunnel makes it too easy to complete. He then leaves and comes back with a ring, which he uses to move the tiles around into a more presentable structure. Pleased with his changes, the Gentleman continues on to revise the dark area in the tunnel to match the earlier part. Afterwards, he comments about how easy it was moving around in the dark area, "at least for one with his mnemonic prowess". The Gentleman thinks out loud that he should really hire others to do this work, saying that he should not be required to perform such mental labor himself. He continues walking through the tunnel only to step off a dark tile and fall, displaying just how good his memory skills are, indeed.

Of Course Edit

(after beating The Way Back, part 7)

The Duplicator and the Child reach the Way Back, part 7 and find out there is a large gap between Part 7 and 8. They suspect the Angel to cut the part away so they won't be able to go back and tell the other people about the tunnels.

  • This shows that the Duplicator thinks tunnels are supposed to be a secret of the Government.

Obvious Edit

(after beating Level X)

There is a talk between the Pastafarian and the Angel. The Pastafarian thinks the noodly appearance of the tunnels reveal that is a tribute to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But the Angel says the appearance of the tunnels is obvious. He thinks they connect the Planet to the Wormhole. Then the Angel leads the Pastafarian to the Boat, and the Pastafarian asks,"What is this?"

  • Rings can be seen inside the boat.

Grand Opening Edit

After beating Memory Evaluation, a cutscene featuring the Gentleman will appear. He is standing at the beginning of Memory Evaluation, part 1. He describes the tunnel, saying it was made by an expert (him), and also says, "In the Former half of each trial, you are granted the opportunity to study the pattern of the trials. The latter half then plunges you into darkness." You then see that it was only a rehearsal to the lizard, who is asked if he has any questions. The Gentlemen then responds to this by saying (to himself, really) it was wishful thinking on his part and cannot wait for the return of characters who can talk. At the very end, he starts over in rehearsing his speech to the lizard.

  • It appears as if he means for it to become an attraction if and/or when the other aliens from the Planet enter the Tunnels

Truancy Edit

After beating Level N-9, a cutscene will begin showing a conversation between the Skater and the Student. The Skater comments that "It's nice not to have school." The Student hesitates at first, then responds that she picked her name because she enjoys school. The Skater asks why she didn't choose to go back to the Planet, if she likes school. The Student responds, "School can wait. Science will not," and goes on to say that she could be remembered in history if she figures out how the Tunnels work, but someone else will figure it out first if she's too slow. The Skater suggests that she call herself "the Scientist," and then "the Mad Scientist", but the Student tells him that the former is already taken, and refuses the latter. There is an awkward pause, then the Student asks the Skater the same question; "Why don't you head back?" The Skater says that school is boring, so he's just gonna skip a couple years. The Student tells him "That isn't how it works..." but lets it go so she can get back to work. The Skater says that he needs to get back to work too. When the Student asks "You have work to get back to?" he tells her, "Skating practice. Close enough," and skates off in the other direction.

  • The official definition of truancy is "the action of staying away from school without good reason."

Sneaking Edit

After beating Not The Way Back, part 5, a cutscene with the Angel talking to himself will appear. He says that he could have sworn this was not the way home. Then he notices the Child is hiding in the background and asks, "Do you do it because you want to, or because your dad tells you to?" He replies saying he had a question for him. The Angel thinks this a totally lame excuse and says it is absurd. The Child says his dad calls the game Conspiracy, but it's really hide and seek. The Angel is happy that the Child knows that his father is a liar and leaves. The Child says to wait and he did not get to ask his question or kick him.

Boat Ride Edit

Upon clicking The Way Back, part 8, a cutscene with everyone who is going home will begin. The Duplicator, Child, and Bunny are teaming to cross the gap found in the cutscene "Of Course." The Angel says that will never work and tell them to get in the boat found in the cutscene "Obvious." Everyone gets on the boat and the Bunny attacks the Angel and the Child encourages the Bunny. The Angel complains and asks the Child to get the Bunny off of him. The Child refuses saying that the Angel completely deserves it. The Pastafarian interrupts saying that Blackbeard once said that peace is only achievable through love. The Child reluctantly agrees. The Duplicator also saying that they are losing that moral high ground here. The Child tells the Bunny to get off the Angel even though he completely deserves it and gives him a treat. The Angel then starts the boat. The Child then asks the Pastafarian if Blackbeard had a bunny and she says no and asks where he got the idea. The Child replies that he thought if Blackbeard knew how to calm the Bunny, he should have a bunny. She says a pirate's wisdom is universal and asks if he wants to learn the Eight Condiments of Piracy. The Duplicator intervenes saying no, and tells his son to get off the boat. The Duplicator gets off, but the Child doesn't, and loses his balloon. The Angel leaves him behind.

Fame Edit

After beating I-7, a conversation between the Runner and Skater will begin. The Skater asks why the Runner is here even though the Angel is going home. She replies saying that she likes it out here. The Skater says, "But you're famous!" The Runner says she got tired of fame, surprising the Skater. He says he would never give up fame like her. He skated across the planet to make friends with everybody. Everyone forgot him. He says, "It was like my official nicknames were 'that kid' and 'hey you.'" Then he continues saying that the Runner was different and everyone talked about her, then continues to name a bunch of quotes about her. Then he realizes he's being rude and stops. He says he is sorry and the Runner accepts his apology. The Runner says she didn't like any the quotes he said either. She begins to say that say doesn't know everything, and doesn't pretend to. But people began to think she did and took her opinions for granted. She then explains an example of the Sailor and thunderstorms. The Runner says it is mostly her fault that the Sailor got struck by lightning. She didn't know that the Salior wanted to go in a storm, but she admits to showing him an unfinished map. She continues saying that she gave him a mental map. He assumed he knew everything and almost got killed. The Skater says she is blaming the Sailor, but the Runner says that she always makes this error. The Skater wants to learn how to get famous and changes the subject(pun intended). The Runner says she doesn't want to give him an incomplete map.

Morning Hypothesis (Part 1) Edit

After beating Level C-1, we see the Student sleeping between Level C-2 and Level C-3. She then wakes up to grab a green "something" from her backpack, and saying "Good Morning, universe!" After that, "Now for my practice hypothesis... What should I test today?"

Morning Hypothesis (Part 2) Edit

After beating Level C-2, the Student thinks what will she test. "I need to do more tests on the whole solo teleport thing." She will then say why her mood is important when teleporting. "Or even whether it matters." "After yesterday's test, I'm starting to think it's something else." She thinks it's something else such as... "I'm not sure." "What else changes when your mood changes?" She got the idea of a teleportation/awareness test. "Maybe if you focus on staying calm, that means you're more aware. Or less aware, for all I know." For her test, she will stand on the edge of the tunnel with her eye closed, then when she least expects it, someone else will push her out of the tunnel. "I need help to pull this off, so where's the..." She then notices that there is no-one in sight, which leads her to say "Hello?" twice. Upon the cutscene's release, the SFX button was added.

Morning Hypothesis (Part 3) Edit

The Student is confused, and she then says nobody else is here, and the tunnel is beeping on its own. "I hope not." "It's easier to test for people." She then quickly goes for a plan B, by shouting: "HEY! IS ANYONE HERE?" Which was easy. She thinks she's alone, and has to figure out, on her own, with nothing but a loud tunnel, what is happening.

Happening: Nothing Appropriate.


Call failed.

Who's there?

The authorities have been notified of your location.

Who said that?

Please stay where you are.

Morning Hypothesis (Part 4) Edit

The Student is in Level C-4, and she is trying to talk to the tunnel, or the authorities, whatever. She says, "Are you still there? Cause we need to talk." She gets no response, and is annoyed at how they already lost track of her. Then she thinks that the person might just be rude.

Morning Hypothesis (Part 5) Edit

The Student does her hypothesis, then realized the authorities aren't here yet. She then complains she needed someone else to perform the hypothesis. She then said she was about to get the Skater, and she yells to the voice. She needs him to do the hypothesis, hint hint. She then walks to the other place and complains the authority was a person, but it's not. People respond to shouting so it was something else. She then complains about figuring this out on her own, they spoke off, and stay because the Authorities were on their way. "Is that ringing any bells? Hello?" She could also ask the authorities. She waits by lying down and grabbing a magazine from her backpack and reading it. She then feels tired and nods off. A time card displays "7 hours later..." She wakes up, and she thinks she figured it out. Another time card displays "2 seconds later..." She then says "I knew it!" and she got all the information she needed. She needed to sleep on it.

Fourth Condiment Edit

After beating The Way Back, part 16, the Pastafarian is teaching the Child the Condiments of Piracy. The Child is very bored and falls asleep. The Duplicator arrives and the Child wakes up and hugs him. The Pastafarian leaves. The Duplicator asks his son if he learned anything and he replies with, "All I learned is that pirates are super boring."

Wait Edit

After beating Plan A, part 8, a cutscene featuring with the Duplicator and Child will begin. The Duplicator had just finished explaining to his son why they don't use violence to solve their problems. All of a sudden, the Duplicator turns around and realizes that the Child suddenly has his balloon back.

  • It is later revealed that the the Angel found the Child a new balloon after he lost his first one.

Stop Solving Problems Edit

After beating Launch Site A, a cutscene starts which stars the Duplicator and the Angel. The Angel is in the flying boat while the Duplicator is on the floor. The Duplicator is angry. The Duplicator asks if he thinks he can get away with spoiling his son. The Angel asks what he was doing wrong. The Duplicator says that he pushed him off the boat. The Angel says that he jumped off. Then the Duplicator says that he left him behind. The Angel says that he didn't have enough time so he had to make adjustments. The Duplicator says that after he got separated from his Child the Angel got him a new balloon. And that the Angel flew out of nowhere and flew them across the big hole. He asks what lesson the Angel is teaching to his son.The Angel says he is teaching him how to solve problems. The Duplicator says he is teaching his son how to not solve problems. He says that his son will think that if he waits long enough someone will come and solve his problems for him. He says that his Child is starting to trust the Government. The Angel says that the even the Government is a better role model than the Duplicator. The Duplicator says that the Angel can't talk to his son and no more problem solving and give his son a chance to learn.

Superpowers Edit

After beating Plan C, part 8, the Child asks the Pastafarian which superpower she would like to have. She doesn't have an answer, and so the Child asks the Angel. The Angel says hammerspace, which he explains is a power to create a pocket dimension, and calls it cool. The Child says he wants to control the wind, so he could go anywhere. The Angel then asks the Child, “Why would you pick such a bad power?”. Then the Pastafarian takes the Angel away. She says that this is supposed to a fun fiction game. The Angel says that the Child has potential to become an engineer. She then asks if she if can make a practical suggestion. The next few lines can be summed up as: Become nicer. Then the Pastafarian leaves, saying that she has no desire to go to the planet and only came to help the Angel become nicer. As the Pastafarian leaves, the Angel thinks to himself, “So, you didn’t want my help?”

Can't Wait Edit

After beating Plan A, part 16, the Child says, "I can't wait to be home again! Dad, are we almost there?" The Duplicator has a couple of nostalgia moments and then the Child daydreams about what they will do when they get home.


After Launch Site C, a cutscene with the Duplicator accusing the Angel begins. The Duplicator says he cracked the code. He argues that the Angel named the tunnels A and C, but no B or D. He also says that he is trying to take the Child away from him. The Angel denies it. He says that he needs some time to himself without the Duplicator bothering him and says to go away. The Duplicator say will not go away until the Angel changes his plans. He says that the Bunny is out because he is an animal, Pastafarian is out because the Angel hates common decency, and the Duplicator is out because he keeps on exposing the Angel's plans. The Angel and Child are the only ones left. A for angel and C for Child. After a few seconds the Angel starts laughing. The Duplicator says that this isn't funny. The Angel says that he is following the alphabet. The Duplicator asks why he skipped Plan B, and he replies saying that he didn't. Plans A and B are both coming from Launch Site A, and C and D are both on Launch Site C. Then he says that they won't even need all the other plans. The Duplicator says he is arrogant. He argues that he is 100% certain. The Angel says he is not taking any chances. He says the Duplicator has no ideas and then says that in 2.5 months they will meet up at Launch Site A and the Duplicator will not interfere while they are going home. The Angel wants the Duplicator to leave and the Duplicator accepts. The Duplicator then leaves, but first asks if they are really going home, then why aren’t they going the same way they came, and the Angel gets that is Plan E, and tells the Duplicator to go away.

Two Month Wait (Part 1) Edit

After beating Plan C, part 9, a cutscene involving the Child and the Duplicator appears. The Child complains "Two months?" to the Duplicator, replying with "So the Angel says". Then the Child said that 2 months is too long. with the Duplicator quietly saying it might've been 2 and a half. The Child then said "What?" then the Duplicator said "Nothing". He tells him to look on the bright side, to find a faster way to get home 2 months before the Angel does. The Child replied "How?" with the other replying "I don't know", then telling him he's counting on you to find a way.

Two Month Wait (Part 2) Edit

After beating Plan C, part 12, a cutscene involving the Child and the Angel appears. The Child catches up to the Angel, and saying "Are you gonna make us wait 2 months"? in which the Angel replied "Of course not!" The Child will then say "how soon?" and then he said two months. The Child says "But you said"... before getting interrupted with "I'm not making you wait. The Planet and Tunnels' different orbital speeds are what's making you wait." The Child then says "What?" with the Angel then saying "This isn't complicated. The Planet is about 100,000,000 kilometers away. It'll come back in 2 months. Don't blame me for that." and then the Child replies "Why do we have to wait"? The Angel facepalms.

Two Month Wait (Part 3) Edit

After beating Plan C, part 14, a cutscene starring the Child appears. He appears to spin while saying he's too bored. He then lies down for a few seconds and then he has an idea of building a spaceship. Then he comes back to Plan C, part 9 when he told the Angel he is building a spaceship in 2 months, but the Angel admonishes the Child, saying he isn't going to be successful. The Angel then says "It's worth a try. It'll be a good learning experience." The Child replies with "But I don't want a learning experience! I just want to go home!" The Angel ends the cutscene with the line "Too late. We're doing this."

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