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It's just so frustrating that I have to start over every time I fall.

This achievement is rather difficult and is considered quite hard. Due to its hard difficulty, the number of power cells is higher than most achievements. Infinite Mode level achievements are not affected by this and they still keep their 25-75 power cell rewards.

Introduction Edit

Slipping and Sliding to Victory is an in-game achievement in Run 3. Completing it also unlocks winter costumes for the Runner and Skater.

There is no suggested character, since you just need to complete the whole tunnel, your suggested character will be the ones you mastered.

What make this hard is since you need to pass some tough levels like part 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Gameplay Edit

You will need to beat Level 15 to unlock the Winter Games tunnel. This tunnel is 20 levels long, and may be a challenge to beginners, but people who have completed the Main Tunnel should have no problem beating the Winter Games and will be awarded this achievement afterwards.

For more help on the levels of the Winter Games, go to the Winter Games tunnel page or the level guides for these levels.

Notes Edit

In Kongregate, after you earn this achievement, you also get a Medium badge, which awards you for 15 points.