The Runner, reading from her map.

The Runner is the main character of the Run series, appearing in all three games. In Run 3, she works to create a map of the Tunnels, and her goal is to reach the Wormhole. She doesn't need to be unlocked, as the Runner is always the default character in the games.

"Wants to see everything at least once, and she does mean everything."
-In game description


The Runner has no special abilities, but her run speed, jump height, and maneuverability are all slightly above average. Her speed is 12m/s.

However, her jump height is quite high, so she can jump a pretty far distance, and she can do some short hops as well. Her maneuverability is also quite good. So if you are stuck on a particular level, you can have a try with her. You may receive some surprises from her.

She can beat almost all levels in the right hands.

Costumes Edit

The Runner has two unlockable costumes, a winter costume and a Halloween costume.


The Runner's winter costume is unlocked by beating the Winter Games. Alternatively, it can be bought in the shop for 500 power cells. When the winter costume is equipped, the Runner wears a red bobble hat with a white pompom, red skis, and holds silver ski poles. She is officially known as the Skier when wearing her winter costume. "How does skiing in space even work?"-In game description


The Runner's Halloween costume is unlocked by beating the Low-power Tunnel. Alternatively, it can be bought in the shop for 750 power cells. When the Halloween costume is equipped, the Runner wears a large carved pumpkin that covers most of her body. She is officially known as the Jack-o-Lantern when wearing her Halloween costume. She will jump very high when she has the Halloween Costume. "Well I guess that's one idea for a costume. Isn't it heavy, though?"-In game description

Infinite Mode Trivia Edit

  • Who needs flashy special abilities when you have precision and agility?
  • The Runner’s philosophy: you can’t plan for everything. Instead, plan for the fact that you can’t plan for everything.
  • Both the Runner and the Angel have leadership skills, but you wouldn't know it from listening to the Angel.
  • True to her name, the Runner performs best on the ground, where she can move and change directions faster.
  • As the oldest one here, the Runner naturally has the best strength and agility.
  • The Runner may not like people doodling on her map, but she doesn't want to offend them by erasing their work.
  • Her map only stores 1GB, but the Runner has never even come close to running out. She doesn't see what the fuss is over 8GB paper.
  • Quickly relase the jump button for a low jump. The sooner you land, the more time you have to prepare the next jump!
  • The Runner supervised the construction of the City, and several smaller cities.

Other Trivia Edit

  • When the Runner first met the Angel, she introduced herself as "the Runner, also known as the Cartographer."
  • On the Angel's list for going home, she is referred to as the "The Annoyance", and later, "The Know-it-All".
  • In the bridge-building mini-game it is shown that the Runner wants someone who acts like a grade -school bully and has done more in his life than her's to fail at whatever he's doing. (It seems to point at the Angel who acts like a bully, and that the Runner wants to see the Angel fail at finding the Planet.)

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