The Runner is the main character of the Run series, appearing in all three games. In Run 3, her goal is to thoroughly explore the tunnels; marking each one on the Galaxy Map. She doesn't need to be unlocked, as the Runner is always one of the default character in the games.


The Runner has no special abilities, yet her run speed, jump height, and maneuverability are all slightly above average. If you are stuck on a particular level, you can have a try with her. You may receive some surprises from her.

She can beat almost all levels in the right hands.

Costumes Edit

The Runner has two unlockable costumes, a winter costume and a Halloween costume.


The Skier Edit

"How does skiing in space even work?"-In game description

The Runner's winter costume is unlocked by beating the Winter Games. Alternatively, it can be bought in the shop for 500 power cells. When the winter costume is equipped, the Runner wears a red bobble hat with a white pompom, red skis, and holds silver ski poles. She is officially known as the Skier when wearing her winter costume.


Jack-O-Lantern Edit

"Well I guess that's one idea for a costume. Isn't it heavy, though?"-In game description

The Runner's Halloween costume is unlocked by beating the Low-power Tunnel. Alternatively, it can be bought in the shop for 750 power cells. When the Halloween costume is equipped, the Runner wears a large carved pumpkin that covers most of her body. She is officially known as the Jack-o-Lantern when wearing her Halloween costume. She will jump very high when she has the Halloween Costume. However, the jump height is still slightly lower than of the Lizard's. Though, this is already more than enough for most situations.

Abilities Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

Respawn: Every time she falls into holes and gaps, she can respawn in the level, granting her the ability to use the trial-and-error method to figure out how to beat the level and go over the obstacle in front of her. However, this ability is seen in all characters in Run 3, and it is unknown how this can be achieved.

Modest Running Skills: Her skills of running is notably great, able to run in a relatively fast speed than other characters like Student and Lizard. Although she is slow in comparison to Skater, that is probably because that the Skater is skating with his skates, while Runner is actually running with her bare feet. Her maneuverability is high enough to surprise you, and she is so versatile that she can fit in and beat most of the levels in game without much problem.

Enhanced Leap: She can jump relatively high, able to reach about 4.5 m in terms of height, while her height is only about 1 m tall! Even better, she can control her jump distance, ranging from a small hop to a large leap, letting her to be able to get past most gaps except the largest ones.
Superb Stamina: She can keep running in a relatively high speed, and won't get tired like the Lizard. She hasn't been spotted to feel tired in the game.
Enhanced Running Speed: She can run in relatively fast speed, with her top speed reaching about 13 m/s, which is pretty fast, when it is known that her legs are short and her height is only about 1 m.
Modest Maneuverability: Her maneuverability is notably high, as her strafing speed is about 13.5 m/s, and that she can beat most levels with ease. Even spiral levels can't really make her give up.
Invincibility: She doesn't seem to get hurt in any means in the game. Even if she hits a box while running in full speed, she simply stops, and won't get hurt. Also, since she can respawn, even falling into the space won't kill her, and will send her back at the starting point instead.
Vacuum Adaption: In space, it is normally a vacuum. But, she is seen to be able to survive the effects of a vacuum for a prolonged period of time. Though, it is unclear if this is due to the functions or effects of the tiles.
Pain suppression: She is able to hit a Box with her head and let it speed away in space, seen during the Bridge Building minigame. From the impact, it should be understood that she was also hit in the head by the Box. However, she doesn't seem to mind the effect.

Other Abilities Edit

Expert Cartographic Skills: As the Cartographer in the Planet, she should have a high degree of mapping skills, as well as cartographic skills, since even other characters found her in order to get her draw maps for them, for instance, Dancer. She is so famed that almost all characters know her in the Planet.

Experienced Drawer: She is seen to have some skills in drawing when she draws on her map. Not only she can mark the locations of different places accurately (presumably), as seen in the Galaxy Map, she is also able to draw shapes and pictures like the Planet on her map.
Experienced Constructor: It is known that she supervised the construction of the City, and several smaller cities. Therefore, it is assumed that she has some degree of constructing skills.

Character's rating Edit

Ability rating
Jump length
Jump height
Special ability

Achievements Edit

Coming Full Circle - As the Runner, travel all the way around Level 35.

Dodge The Squares - As the Runner, complete Level 4 without jumping or dislodging tiles.

Frictionless - As the Skier, reach the conveyors in Level N-7. Make sure to keep your skis fully inside the tunnel.

Infinite Mode Trivia Edit

  • Who needs flashy special abilities when you have precision and agility?
  • The Runner’s philosophy: you can’t plan for everything. Instead, plan for the fact that you can’t plan for everything.
  • Both the Runner and the Angel have leadership skills, but you wouldn't know it from listening to the Angel.
  • True to her name, the Runner performs best on the ground, where she can move and change directions faster.
  • As the oldest one here, the Runner naturally has the best strength and agility.
  • The Runner may not like people doodling on her map, but she doesn't want to offend them by erasing their work.
  • Her map only stores 1GB, but the Runner has never even come close to running out. She doesn't see what the fuss is over 8GB paper.
  • Quickly relase the jump button for a low jump. The sooner you land, the more time you have to prepare the next jump!
  • The Runner supervised the construction of the City, and several smaller cities.

Other Trivia Edit

  • When the Runner first met the Angel, she introduced herself as "the Runner, also known as the Cartographer."
  • On the Angel's list for going home, she is referred to as the "The Annoyance", and later, "The Know-it-All".
  • In the bridge-building mini-game it is shown that the Runner wants someone who acts like a grade -school bully and has done more in his life than her's to fail at whatever he's doing. (It seems to point at the Angel who acts like a bully, and that the Runner wants to see the Angel fail at finding the Planet.)

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