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Run is a series of platform games about aliens traveling through space. So far, three games have been released: Run, Run 2, Run 3. Be noted that most of the content on this wiki focuses on Run 3.

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What is Run?
Run is a flash game, created by Player 03, who is also the founder of this wiki. Run has three games released, Run 1, Run 2, Run 3. By far, Run 3 is the most successful in this series.

You can play Run 3 in different websites.

Kongregate site:

Player 03's site:

Coolmath Games:

You can play Run 2 in these websites:

Kongregate site:

Player 03's site:

Coolmath Games:

And Run 1 in these websites:

Kongregate site:

Player 03's site:

Coolmath Games:

And many, many more!

Other useful links:

Run Subreddit for discussion:

What is the content of this wiki?
This wiki is not so large, but not so small either. But, you may be curious about what is the basic content of this wiki. We are going to inform you in the following, so you will have at least some idea of what's going on here!

Here is a list of it, and you can press into the links below to maneuver in the wiki:

-Overviews of each game (Run 1, Run 2, Run 3)

-Features of each game (Infinite mode, Level Editor, Cutscene gallery, Galaxy Map, etc.)

-Character Overviews (Runner, Skater, Lizard etc.)

-Level guides (Level 1, Level 40, Level 65, Level M-4, etc.)

-Introduction of gameplay and features of games (Gameplay mechanic, Tiles, etc.)

-A place for you to communicate with other players and to give something back to this wonderful game series.

We need your attention here in these pages!

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Featured Article
The Runner is the main character of the Run series, appearing in all three games. In Run 3, her goal is to thoroughly explore the tunnels; marking each one on the Galaxy Map. She doesn't need to be unlocked, as the Runner is always one of the default character in the games. The Runner has no special abilities, yet her run speed, jump height, and maneuverability are all slightly above average. Read more...


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