A box with rings attached.

Rings are strange objects that appear in Run 3. They are usually found attached to random boxes scattered throughout the Tunnels. However, they can also be detached.

Ringed Boxes Edit

The ringed boxes are first discovered by the Student in the cutscene "Something Weird," which takes place in the Box Storage Area, part 6. Ringed boxes always have two rings attached, on opposite sides. The rings allow the box to be pushed forwards and backwards. The Student once mentions that ringed boxes can be pushed up and down too, but it takes a lot more force.

Detached Rings Edit

Gentleman carrying ring

The Gentleman carrying a ring.

Rings can also be detached from boxes and used to move other things around. This is first shown by the Gentleman in the cutscene "Revision," when he uses a detached ring to move tiles around to make his Memory Evaluation levels. He is also seen carrying the ring around easily, implying that the rings are not very heavy.

Other Usages Edit


The Angel with his halo.


The rings inside the hover boat.

  • The Angel's halo is a ring, and the ring is what lets him "fly," not his wings. He mentioned that he discovered the rings seven and a half months before the Student.
  • The hover boat introduced in the cutscene "Obvious" seems to have two rings on the inside of both sides. These rings might be what make it float.

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