Introduction Edit

Ramp is a tile type seen in Run 3. This type of tile can come with two variants: Ramps and Ice ramps.

Appearance Edit

Like Crumbling tiles, they are spread throughout the games, being able to be seen in different tunnels, which is hard to list out all of them.

This type of tile looks like a Normal tile, except that its edge is slightly tilted upward, forcing the character to jump.

Gameplay Edit

Ramps are a very special tile. It lets you jump on your own, and it lets you jump farther then usual. If you want, you can even jump on top of the Ramp, letting you jump even farther.

Certain characters jump farther while he / she uses the Ramp. For instance, Skater can jump extremely far away since his speed is so fast, the Ramp can let him jump very far away. The Infinite Mode Trivia also talks about this. Angel works well with Ramps too, due to his dash, he can run fast enough to make a far jump while using the Ramp, so he can benefit when he jumps on a Ramp.

Although Bunny is fast, it cannot work well with the Ramp due to it bounces instead of running or skating, when it hops onto the Ramp, it won't launch it into the air. You need to press the jump button instead.

Trivia Edit

  • There is room under the Ramp, so there's a glitch about that you can run under the Ramp and stay there by using the Pastafarian. This can be done since in some levels, a Ramp and a Box may be interconnected. So, if you stay under the Ramp, stand on the Pastafarian's light bridge, and stop running by staying behind the Box, you can make yourself disappear in the screen.
    • Player 03 once mentioned about there is room under the Ramp.
  • In Infinite Mode, if you are using the Skater and lose the level, one of the Infinite Mode trivia mentions about the Ramp.