Four power cells.

Power cells (technically batteries) are used as currency in Run 3. They unlock characters, costumes, and upgrades, and they are also required to continue after falling in Infinite mode.

Power cells are primarily earned in Infinite mode. They are initially scarce and low-value, but they become more common and more valuable. They reach maximum frequency around 1200 meters, and maximum value around 2000.

There is an upgrade that gives the player the permission to refer to power cells as batteries, only 15 power cells.

Infinite Mode Trivia Edit

  • Power cells get more valuable the further you go, reaching their maximum value at 2000m.

Other Trivia Edit

  • The developer decided to call the in-game currency power cells/batteries because he felt that coins would have been too generic.
  • Power cells are activated automatically. If one is let go inside or near a tunnel, it will activate.
  • Power cells are tetrahedrons because the manufacturer was running a marketing campaign centered on the number four. (These new batteries could store almost four times as much power as the current best-selling batteries.)
  • Power cells can be combined by putting them end to end. They can also be connected to a circuit.

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