Did you draw on my map
Did you draw on my map?

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Introduction Edit


The Runner's sketch of the Planet.

The Planet is the home planet of the characters in Run 3. It is mentioned many times but can not be visited yet. The lavender pentagon tunnel seen in Winter Games, part 9 can lead the way!

The Planet's population is implied to be somewhat small, as the Skater was able to meet everyone at least once. All of the characters met each other at some point while on the Planet, but they only got to know each other while exploring the Tunnels together.

It takes the Planet one year to complete an orbit, but it is unknown how fast the tunnels orbit. However, one year in the solar system that Run 3 takes place in may be different than an Earth year, but if not, it is close.

Story Edit

The following is a brief description of the parts of the story that involve the Planet. More information on the story can be found here.

The game begins with the Runner leaving the Planet and entering the Tunnels. Later, the Duplicator and the Pastafarian discover that the Planet is "gone," but the Runner clarifies that it orbits at a different speed than the Tunnels.

The Angel talks with the Runner about going home, and the Runner reveals that she wants to stay in the tunnels. However, she apparently gives the Angel the information he needs to get back to the Planet, apparently including the fact that the Planet will not be reachable for "a couple months." The Angel talks to each other character in turn, offering them all a chance to go home, but only the Pastafarian, the Duplicator, and the Child accept. The Pastafarian wants to help the Angel and recruits the Bunny, who joins the group as well, to the Angel's dismay.

Places Mentioned Edit

  • The City
  • Several smaller cities
    • The construction of both the City and several smaller cities were supervised by the Runner.
  • The Factory
    • The Angel worked as an engineer at the Factory prior to coming into the tunnels.
  • The Hospital
    • The Sailor was sent to the Hospital when he was struck by a lightning.
  • Trade Fair
    • There is a water gun game in the Fair, as mentioned by the Child in the cutscene "Can't Wait". It is shown that the currency used in the Fair is tokens. It is also known that the currency is very small, as the Child said that he could win a thousand tokens in a single water gun game.

Known Living Individuals Edit

  • Runner
  • Skater
  • Lizard
  • Bunny
  • Gentleman
  • Duplicator
  • Duplicator's wife
    • Mentioned in the cutscene "You Think?"
  • Child
  • Pastafarian
  • Members in the cult of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
    • Mentioned in the cutscene "Friendly Greeting"
  • Student
  • Angel
  • The officials of the Government
  • Scientist (Mentioned by the Student at the end of N-9)
  • Dancer
    • Mentioned in the cutscene "Fame"
  • Sailor
    • Mentioned in the cutscene "Fame"
  • Singer
    • Mentioned in the cutscene "Can't Wait"
  • The workers in the Hospital
    • Mentioned in the cutscene "Fame"

Known Organizations Edit

  • The Government
  • The Cult of the Spaghetti Flying Monster
  • The Hospital
  • Engineering Organization
    • The Angel said he was paid, and it was assumed to be an organization since he was not the only Engineer in the Planet, since he said he was the highest-paid engineer.

Infinite Mode Trivia Edit

  • The Planet isn't the only planet in the solar system. It gets the name "Planet" because it's the important one.

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