ABreathOfFreshNothing This level is hard!

This level is rather difficult. It can challenge veteran players and most beginners cannot finish this level. Most players consider it to be a hard level. Even elite players may have trouble beating this in one attempt. Good luck in beating this level!

Introduction Edit

This is level 7 of Plan C.

Suggested characters: ChildFront PastafarianFront DuplicatorFront

Gameplay Edit

This level is quite tough, requiring long jumps, which we would recommend you use the Child to jump across large gaps. Don’t overshoot the platforms, and the last jump is a little hard. But he is a good choice for this level, if you don’t have that many power cells.

Alternatively, you can use the Pastafarian, but it will be a little harder since she can break her light bridge in parts of the level. Run up the sides of the boxes, and don’t jump on or off the bridge. That will weaken it and it may even disappear.

The Duplicator can constantly create duplicates to jump off, which allows him to clear the high and long jumps. Try to keep all duplicates alive, since they need to be constantly used as extra jumps.

Overall, this level has quite a plausible reason to have such a difficulty, and will take a few tries.