ABreathOfFreshNothing This level is hard!

This level is rather difficult. It can challenge veteran players and most beginners cannot finish this level. Most players consider it to be a hard level. Even elite players may have trouble beating this in one attempt. Good luck in beating this level!

Introduction Edit

This is level 6 of Plan C.

Suggested characters: DuplicatorFront PastafarianFront ChildFront

Gameplay Edit

Use the Child, as you need to have a backup or easy way out of this level. If so, if you find a spot is right in front of you, do a small jump and don´t overshoot it. If the spot farther do a higher jump and let the gliding do the rest of the work, and then repeat until you reach the end.

If you have the duplicator, all you need to jump with timing because some duplicates can jump higher. This is the easiest way and makes this level laughably easy. only small and big jump if needed and jump on duplicates if in an emergency of fall to the void.

If you don´t have the duplicator then the pastafarian is the second best option. this is where it gets tricky. Instead of jumping most of the time you follow the bridge, if you are doing so, avoid the cracked tiles! this will remove the bridge since it is not near a surrounding tile(s) and jump when needed.