Introduction Edit

This is level 3 of Plan C.

Suggested characters: AngelFront BunnyFront DuplicatorFront

Gameplay Edit

In this level, you will need to jump along large platforms, which is not too hard to miss. What's the problem is that you need to jump between the large distance between them, and since they are arranged in spiral, you sometimes need to manoeuvre through the paths.

If you use the Duplicator, try and stay on the platforms and avoid jumping. This can keep you safe and due to his slower speed, he can turn on the spiral path easily. Just beware that his duplicates can let the Crumbling tiles crumble, so avoid touching them.

As for the Angel, work as the Runner. Keep on the path, and don't be tempted to jump across the large gap between platforms. You may fall short in the jump, and this is where the dash is used. You hit the jump button, and BANG. The Angel bursts forward, and you can glide just that little bit forward by holding jump.

However, when you use the Bunny, you can use another strategy. Keep bouncing for a few times until its speed is very fast. Then, keep doing large jumps to go through the gaps and land on the large platforms. Repeat the process and you will beat this level in no time.