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Introduction Edit

This is level 2 of Plan A.

Suggested characters: ChildFront DuplicatorFront

Gameplay Edit

The Child can step on Crumbling Tiles without crumbling them, and given the sheer number of linked crumbling tiles, his weight proves very useful, especially when he can just walk on the large platforms without worrying about falling. Some platforms may end in crumbling tiles, and try to avoid that, as then you are forced into jumping off a crumbling tile, crumbling it and other linked crumbling tiles.

The Duplicator is suitable because of his duplicates, but be careful, since they can crumble tiles as well, making it harder for you to beat this level. However, his duplicates make up for it, being able to cross large gaps by jumping off them, compensating for the crumbled tiles.

The Angel would have been suited quite well for this level, but you cannot use him in Plan A, since he is 'busy'.

Achievement Edit

There is an Achievement in this level - Crumbling Bridge.

To get Crumbling Bridge, you should use the Bunny as it is usually the best choice for achievement with no jumping allowed. The easiest route for beating this is to keep on the first two large platforms (it is fine for crumbling them for the time being), then hop on to the side path on the left that is starting to crumble. Next keep hopping on the path and you will soon reach the end of the level without pressing the jump button.