Introduction Edit

New tunnel is a side tunnel branching off of the Low-power tunnel. It consists of 9 levels. Maybe since the tunnel is a "newborn", it hasn't "grown" enough tiles yet, so the levels of the New Tunnel mainly consist of jumping between platforms. Its main color is green. There are no special tiles in the tunnel, not even crumbling tiles. It is one of 3 tunnels without this. The others are Launch Sites A & C.

Gameplay Edit

Before you finish the line, you can't use any characters to play except the Child and Duplicator, since the other people haven't noticed this tunnel yet. But after you finish it for once, you can use all characters to play this line.

There are lots of large gap jumping needed, so you need characters that can jump far away. You need to use the Child often, since the gaps between tiles are very large. The size of the tiles are relatively large towards the other tunnels. If you encounter a level with smaller gaps, use the Duplicator instead. His duplicating ability can keep you alive more easily.

In part 9 of the level, the tiles' sizes are small and you could easily jump too high and fly out of the tunnel, use the Duplicator and avoid jumping as much as you can. Jump off the duplicates instead. This can keep you alive.

Plot Edit

Here is a description of cutscenes that take place in the New Tunnel. If you want to see more, please go here.

Self Assembly Edit

Upon clicking on the first level of the New Tunnel, a cutscene will feature the Child and the Duplicator, standing on an edge. The Child noticed a tunnel branching out and sought the fact that there were floating tiles everywhere and starts to form a tunnel. The Duplicator said the tunnels are alive, and the Child is thinking that's a "baby tunnel". The Duplicator then jumps into the tunnel saying that they could be listening to us, and in the tunnel. They were told that we can talk there, and newborns don't understand speech.

Conspiracy Edit

After beating the new tunnel, a cutscene starring the Duplicator and his son will begin. The Duplicator says that they will review what they know about the conspiracy. The Child is confused, because he never noticed any conspiracy. The Duplicator begins with his theory, saying things about each of the characters.

  • The Skater always skates around everywhere. The Duplicator says he must be the messenger for the group.
  • The Pastafarian is always talking about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and the Duplicator recognizes this as scaring people into submission.
  • The Gentleman is the treasurer for the group. The Duplicator says they can take this to their advantage, as they put a greedy person in charge for their money.
  • The Child says that the Angel is mean and wants to go home. The Duplicator is surprised, saying that splitting up is unusual for conspiracies. The Child then says he worked at the factory, and the Duplicator says he is a government agent.
  • The Child says that the Runner is very nice. The Duplicator says that it's a ploy to make people do what she says.
  • The Student just sits around most of the time. The Child observes that the Student says she's doing science, but she doesn't have a clipboard. The Duplicator says they need to find what the Student is truly up to.

After all of this, the Child says he doesn't want to play a game where the Runner is bad. The Duplicator says that this is no game, and says,"Recognizing conspiracies is a vital life skill."

Also, it is revealed that the Child can't pronounce 'conspiracy' properly, saying 'conpiracy', and then 'conspirspacy'.

Gallery Edit

Here are the photos of the levels included in New Tunnel.

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