Introduction Edit

This is part 3 of the Memory Evaluation.

Suggested character: GentlemanFront

Note: Since you can only use the Gentleman in this tunnel, he will be the only recommended character.

Gameplay Edit

In this level, it is a bit harder due to the fact that there will be more turns you need to take in this level.

The route you need to take: First, a right jump to the path, then you can select to make the U-turn and go to the next platform, or just do a jump to get to the next path. Then, do a long jump to the right. You will then finish the first half of the level!

In the second part, the tiles will be darkened. Fortunately, the path is still identical to the first half. Just follow the route and you will then finish the next half and the level.

Dialogue Edit

It is a relief no one was present to witness that.