Introduction Edit

This is part 1 of the Memory Evaluation tunnel.

Suggested character: GentlemanFront

Note: Since you can only use the Gentleman in this tunnel, he will be the only recommended character.

Gameplay Edit

First of all, you need to know how the Gentleman works. He is the only character that can see power cells in Explore mode, but his special electromagnetic abilities are hardly useful, because all the levels in this tunnel are big, and he does not have unlimited range. Mostly, treat the Gentleman like the Runner when playing this tunnel (he can do anything except long/high jumps.)

If you have the Gentleman, play as him for a while in Infinite mode. Or explore the levels in Explore mode.

The first half can be done without jumping, and is therefore very easy. After the gate in the middle of the level, you are plunged into darkness, but unlike some levels of this tunnel, some of the tiles are lit. So with the aid of the remaining white tiles, and the absence of the starlight, it should not be too hard to beat. (Especially since by running off corners of tiles, you can beat this level without jumping.)