Introduction Edit

This is level 8 of the Low-Power Tunnel.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront LizardFront PastafarianFront

Gameplay Edit

As usual, the Pastafarian is recommended in the Low-Power Tunnel, since her light bridge always surround the tiles, even unlit power tiles. This can let you know where the power tiles are, making the level easier.

Don't always jump where the red normal tiles are. Sometimes there are power tiles in front of it. You may walk closer and see if there are stars in front of the normal tiles. If there are, it means it's already the edge of the platform. If not, it means that there are power tiles in front of it and you can continue to walk on it (but don't walk too far; you may really walk into the gap).

Since there are no crumbling unlit power tiles in this level, you can walk on the power tiles casually. But be cautious when you are about to reach the edge of the platform!