Introduction Edit

This is level 2 of the T-Tunnel.

Suggested characters: ChildFront BunnyFront

Gameplay Edit

In the level, you sometimes need to jump great distance. Fortunately, Ice tiles are present in this level, and Ramps can help you jump farther than usual as well.

Child can benefit well in this level due to the presence of Ramps and Ice tiles. They can increase his speed noticeably, and when he jumps on the Ramps, his jump length can easily bring him to the next platform. But keep an eye on the jump, his jump height isn't very high, and this can let him miss the platforms. You also need to pay attention to the landing as well, since the platforms he is going to land are often on the walls, requiring you to change gravity mid-jump. How to do so? Touch the platform immediately when you are floating towards it.

The Bunny's strategy is similar, but you have to make sure its speed is fast enough so that its jump can reach to the other side. Though, you don't need to worry about the jump height, since it can jump very high.