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Introduction Edit

This is Level 4 of the N-Tunnel.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront SkaterFront

Gameplay Edit

Strangely, all of the tiles are on the same side of the level. The Skater is best, as he can jump from one fast conveyor platform to another. Every three or so long jumps, just tap jump to make sure you don't overshoot the jump and fall.

The Runner, despite not as fast, goes very far as well when she jumps off fast conveyors. Like, try it. She actually goes nearly as far as the Skater.

The Student has a better chance of winning, but you don't need to change gravity, and she is painfully slow, so overall this level is quite easy, but the faster characters are best.

Achievement Edit

There is an achievement called The Fast Lane for only using the conveyor tiles. The Runner and The Student are the best for this achievement, as their varied jump lengths can help you.

The Skater also does well, because the conveyors are all fast. Just run on some and take a big leap, taking care of your landing position. He can make a slightly shorter jump, which is achieved through tapping the jump button.