Nucharacter This level is a major plot point!

This level is a major level in the game. After you finish the level, you may be able to access other characters, minigames, and tunnels. Most of them also include a cutscene.

Introduction Edit

This is level 5 of the L-Tunnel.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront SkaterFront ChildFront

Gameplay Edit

The Runner has a good jump height and high maneuverability. She can jump between the platforms easily and jump high when falling down on the crumbling tiles.

The Skater works as well. The skater is also good at a range of jump length, but the jumps are farther. You need to be good at gauging the jump length, but other than that, not much can go wrong.

If you are afraid of the crumbling tiles, I suggest using the Child. Use long jumps and land on the sides of platforms. Use a small jump when going between crumbling tiles. But be wary of bouncing. The Child jumps 41% farther when he bounces.

Since the width of the platforms on the wall is quite narrow, I suggest doing a long jump, and touch the platform when you are falling. In this way, you won't miss the platform so easily.

Since this is the last level of the line, there won't be the ending platform, and you will only see a large void in front of you. Just jump into it, and the cutscene will be initiated.

Plot Edit

There is a cutscene that featured in this level. More can be seen in this page.

Don't Knock It Edit

After beating L-5, a cutscene will begin featuring the Angel and the Skater. The Skater has been trying to run through L-4, however, because of his skates, he keeps going too fast and falling off. The Angel watches these repeated unsuccessful attempts from the start of the level. After observing the Skater fall several times, he eventually runs in front of the Skater as he respawns to stop him. The Skater tells him to get out of the way, but the Angel persists in blocking the Skater as he begins to argue with the latter. He tells the Skater that his skates "make his life harder", and that he'll "have an easier time if he slows down." The Skater responds, "Skating is fun! Don't knock it off until you try it," and proceeds to skate through the level. The Angel watches him go, saying to himself, "You know, some of us use tools to solve problems..."