Nucharacter This level is a major plot point!

This level is a major level in the game. After you finish the level, you may be able to access other characters, minigames, and tunnels. Most of them also include a cutscene.

AchLevel You get an achievement!

This level has one or more achievements. The achievements are listed on the level infobox.

Introduction Edit

This is level 2 of the L-Tunnel.

Suggested character: LizardFront

Gameplay Edit

Lizard is the recommended and suggested character in this level since its low speed can provide superb maneuverability.

In this level, run to the side where the path is located, then do a high jump to reach the next path. But be careful when you jump, overshooting can take place easily in this level, so watch out.

Sometimes when the path does a U-turn, you can just jump to the other side, since this is more convenient, and can prevent you not turning quick enough (or too quick) and ended up falling into the space. But again, don't overshoot and decide when to use a short jump or a long jump.

Achievement Edit

There is an achievement in this level.

The Lazy Way Edit

Use the Lizard and don't jump. Keep turning, and try to stay in the middle. When you change direction, start turning early, but not too early.

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