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Introduction Edit

This is level 6 of the I-Tunnel.

Suggested character:

New Runner

Gameplay Edit

This level is rather difficult, so it is suggested that you use a slower character, such as the Runner, as she and the Student are the only slow characters available to you in this level. The first thing you do is you jump to the left, and then you should follow the path that the conveyor tiles point to. By the way, the conveyor tiles do not help in making this level any easier, as they are side-swipe conveyors, not front-leading, so you can not jump any farther than normal. In fact, with side-swipe conveyors. jump length is actually a bit hindered. The final jump is one of the hardest in the level, so you will need to jump at the absolute end of the platform. You may now go on to finish the I-Tunnel with Level I-7.

Gallery Edit


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