Introduction Edit

This is the second level in the H-Tunnel.

Suggested characters: JackOLanternFront RunnerFront

Gameplay Edit

Use the Jack-o-Lantern if you have finished the Low-power Tunnel. This will help turn more quickly and make the jumps. The Skater cannot turn quickly, and the Runner doesn't jump too far. With this you should pass this easily.

If you don't have the costume, you can still bought it in the shop. But if you don't have enough power cells, you can still beat this level by using long jumps with the Skater while running on the conveyor tiles. Since they all point forward, you can get enough momentum to pass those gaps and reach the other platforms. But be careful, since there are many directional tiles, so don't run too fast or you may jump over and miss the next platform.

Using the Skater is not recommended since his maneuverability is too low and with the increased speed of the Conveyor Tiles, it is very likely to let the Skater not turning round quick enough and end up tumbling into space.

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