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Introduction Edit

This is level 8 of the G-Tunnel.

Suggested characters: LizardFront RunnerFront

Gameplay Edit

There are narrow rings of Crumbling tiles and small platforms of Normal tiles here. The best character would probably be the Lizard, since you need some rather long jumps to get between platforms.

This level also requires some short jumps, so if you feel uncomfortable using the Lizard to jump across those, you could use the Runner, who can just about manage the longer jumps in this level.

Touching the rings made out of Crumbling tiles are not recommended because they are very narrow, which an make landing on it pretty hard, and you have an extremely limited amount of time to stay on them. So, it doesn't worth all the trouble.

Achievement Edit

This level has an achievement called Too Lazy to Aim. To get this achievement, you have to beat the level whilst only touching crumbling tiles. The first few tiles don't count against you.