AchLevel You get an achievement!

This level has one or more achievements. The achievements are listed on the level infobox.

Introduction Edit

This is level 3 of the B-Tunnel. You can get an achievement on this level.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront SkaterFront DuplicatorFront

Gameplay Edit

First off, don't be too afraid of the crumbling tiles. They don't link. You can use the Skater if you want to pass the level quickly, and it won't be too hard. Just jump. After about 10 fails in a row, the Skater gets frustrated and goes a bit faster, so you can always exit and re-enter.

The Runner is a character of medium speed, so you can use her for control. You could also use the Duplicator if you have him.

Achievement Edit

There is an achievement featured in this level.

Just Being Thorough Edit

The achievement 'Just Being Thorough' is when you dislodge every crumbling tile on this level. You will get 150 power cells. I would recommend the Duplicator as his duplicates go around stepping on the tiles for you. You will need to move around a lot, and very quickly.

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