Introduction Edit

This is level 6 of the A-Tunnel.

Suggested characters: ChildFront SkaterFront AngelFront

Gameplay Edit

Use the Child. Because as you can see, the pattern goes on and on. He can float from platform to platform. If you miss a jump by a bit, you'll find that he gets stuck there, then gets onto the platform.

The Skater works, as he can skip up to five platforms in a single jump. But if you overshoot, hit the nearby wall and change gravity. If you undershoot, well, bad luck.

For the Angel, there isn't much of a strategy, so just follow what's there for the Skater and Child.

Living Superball Edit

On this level, there is an achievement.

Living Superball- Complete Level A-6 without pressing the jump button.

The jump BUTTON, not jumping, so you can use the Bunny. Just hop(not jump) and hope for the best.

The reward is 150 power cells on web, but on mobile it is 200 as you have to swipe sideways.

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