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Be careful!

This level or achievement has been known to feature a bug. Please attempt it with caution.

Introduction Edit

This is level 56 of the Main Tunnel.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront SkaterFront

Gameplay Edit

In this level, the platforms are in a rectangular shape, and some parts are made of crumbling tiles. Using the Runner is better since you can predict your jump length easily.

When you jump on another platform, don't jump too late. You may jump not far enough and end up missing the platform, and don't jump too early, or you will jump over the platform, resulting in you falling into the void of space. The jumping time should be very precise, or you will fail this level.

With the Skater, you can fall until around the third tile, then jump and hold left. Tap to jump while continuing to hold left until you get to the 5th platform (if the 1st one counts as a platform), then you go right and do big jumps to the right. You will easily finish the level this way.

Good luck!

Backwards Gameplay Edit

There is a loophole where you can reach this level from Level A-9, and upon playing this level it will be backwards, hence the extra difficulty. Clicking 'Previous' or 'Next' in the pause menu will direct you to level 1, backwards. The backwards level is much harder, and the Lizard works best for it.


  • If you get to this level from the A-Tunnel, the level will change and becomes insanely hard. But if you got to level 41 and go to the next level in the pause menu, it goes back to normal!
  • The reason the level changes is that all the levels you played become backwards.