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Introduction Edit

This is the fourth level of the Main Tunnel. It is still a long way until we meet the Skater and reach level 65, yet we are making progress! Work hard and soon we will reach level 65.

Gameplay Edit

Here the crumbling tiles still cause the problem, yet in this level, the most major problem is the large gaping holes awaiting in front of you. They are large and sometimes you may not be able to jump across these holes. That's what you have to do:

  1. Press the jump button.
  2. When the character jump into mid-air, don't release your finger yet.
  3. Pressing the jump button longer can increase your time in air and thus making you jump farther.
  4. Look for landing place. Try to find a place for landing while you are in mid-air. Don't land in a hole!
  5. After reaching the ground, continue to walk.
  6. If there is a large hole in front of you again, repeat the steps again.
  7. If you repeat the process for a few times, you can see the end of the level, and if you succeed, you will beat this level!

This level is not quite difficult, though it may prove a challenge for some beginners. Watch out the large gaps, and you will be able to pass the level with ease.

Achievement Edit

This Achievement is called Dodge the Squares. It is earned when you beat Level 4 without jumping or breaking any tiles, with the Runner (it's a pity you cannot use the Child). This is not for beginners and can be very difficult to achieve. Though if you achieve it, you can earn some power cells and a shiny crown in the Achievements page.

There are a few tips for beating this. You can walk along the small paths and this can help you avoid the holes. A for the crumbling tiles, you can consider to walk diagonally to escape from the squares. You can't jump, so this may be the most preferred way to avoid these notorious squares.

Walkthrough Edit

Run 3 Level 4

Run 3 Level 4

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