Normal gameplay Bridge Building

Introduction Edit

This level is the first level of the Bridge Building minigame. You must use the Student to play it. (But you don't have to buy her.)

Gameplay Edit

Just play normally.Like playing the level with the Runner, you can just try to navigate through the tunnel by using left/right. In this level, there aren't any boxes that need you to push yet, so it would not be a large problem to you. The functions of the Student can let you win easily. Well, Bridge Building hasn't gotten hard. Yet.

Character controls Edit

Since most of the players who start to play this quest don't have the Student, who is very expensive (10000 power cells, which is very much not affordable for most players), therefore many players may not know how to function this. There is a new update that can let you control when to float upwards. You can float when you are in midair. Pretty cool and useful, right? When you press jump, she jumps. When she jumps into midair, you press jump again, but don't release your finger. Bravo! You successfully let her float into midair! But be careful. Once you float too high, the ceiling will become your landing ground, and this can be dangerous. When you want to stop floating and land on the ground again, release your finger from the jump button.More information about the Student can be seen over here.

Second time meeting Edit

Well, in the progress of the first box pushing, you need to go back here again.

But this time, there are missing crumbling tiles. Moreover, you need to push the box for three times to complete this level of Bridge Building.

This may requires some skills.

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