Normal gameplay Bridge Building

AchLevel You get an achievement!

This level has one or more achievements. The achievements are listed on the level infobox.

Introduction Edit

Level 35 is the thirty-fifth level of the Main Tunnel. There is an achievement for going around the level as the Runner. You need to play this level backwards as the Student too, during Bridge Building.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront ChildFront

Gameplay Edit

Use the Runner. She's slower so you can focus on not stepping on the crumbling tiles.

OR you could use the Child. Don't even touch the keyboard. You win.

Achievement Edit

There is an achievement featured in this level.

Coming Full Circle Edit

Coming Full Circle is when as the Runner goes around the whole level. Going right is easier than going left. Also, use the Jack-O-Lantern(The Runner's Halloween costume). We recommend doing this later in the game, after you beat the Low-Power Tunnels. But they are quite hard, so beat this Main Tunnel and a few others, and you should be ready. And then, do this achievement.

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