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Introduction Edit

Level 3 is the third level of the Main Tunnel, and this level is a tutorial to crumbling tiles. Crumbling tiles are the first type of special tiles you can see, and they will be very common throughout the 65 levels of the Main Tunnel. You can only use the Runner the first time you play it, because no other character is unlocked yet.

Since this level is an introductory level to Crumbling tiles, this level is extremely easy. I believe it is slightly easier than Level 1.

Gameplay Edit

This level is like the previous two levels, this one is also very easy. You may start to wonder why you don't feel like you have changed gravity and stick to walls, and that's due to this level has a lot of sides, 16 in total. So changing gravity may seem very natural to you.

This level introduces something very special. Crumbling tiles. This kind of tile will crumble when you step on it. And the crumbling tiles that are connected to the crumbling tile that is crumbling will crumble also. This can create a chain reaction if the crumbling tiles stick together. yet fortunately, in this level, the crumbling tiles don't stick together, so you just need to jump over the holes.

If you step on a crumbling tile and it starts to crumble, no need to panic. The crumbling tiles crumble slowly, so you won't immediately fall out of the tunnel when the tile under you are crumbling. Just act a little bit faster and jump when you find you are on a crumbling tile. If you see a large gaping hole in front of you, you can just avoid it by steering the character right or left, or jump over them.

In this way, you can finish the level easily.

Walkthrough Edit

Run 3 Level 3

Run 3 Level 3