Nucharacter This level is a major plot point!

This level is a major level in the game. After you finish the level, you may be able to access other characters, minigames, and tunnels. Most of them also include a cutscene.

Introduction Edit

Level 28 is the twenty-eighth level of the Main Tunnel of Run 3.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront SkaterFront

Gameplay Edit

This level is really easy compared to the later levels, and quite easy for early-medium stage game. You just need to navigate through the small holes. Just look out for crumbling tiles, they may cause lots of them to topple, and it may become more dangerous and tough to navigate the level.

Use the Skater when you are confident enough. He travels so fast that small holes won't be able to stop him even if he doesn't jump.

Low-Power Tunnel Edit

This level introduces a new tunnel, the Low-Power Tunnel!

In this tunnel, the tiles may become dim and sometimes to whole level will be completely dark. Which may become threatening to the situation.

After finishing all 25 levels, you will successfully unlock the Halloween costumes for the Runner and Child, which is cool, and more importantly, you can unlock the Child, for free!