Introduction Edit

This is the twenty-third level of the Main Tunnel.

Suggested character: RunnerFront

Gameplay Edit

When using the Runner, just keep going left until you have done one full turn. By this time, you will be at the end, and can finish the level. When using the Skater, just keep going pretty straight until you finish. This level is harder that most at this point, but do this and you can finish it easily.

For first time players, the Runner is recommended, since she is slower and easier to turn right/left, and her jump height can let her change gravity in air, so she can land on another platform.

The Lizard works quite well in this level,but you need to unlock it by beating Level 40, which needs to be unlocked by finishing Level 23, Level 24, until Level 39.

Skater is also recommended for skilled players since he can jump really far away, so he can land on another platform far far away.