Introduction Edit

Level 1 is the first level of Run 3. It is the one of the easiest level in the game. At first you can only play it with the Runner, (since there are no other characters yet), yet soon after you get other characters, every character can play this level. There is also an introduction barrier. If you stop in front of it, it will show out the controls: Press up or space to jump. It is the only level with this setup. This level is in the Main Tunnel, in case you don't know.

Gameplay Edit

This level is extremely easy. Even beginners can finish it easily. It is almost impossible to lose.

You can only use the Runner the first time you play it, since there aren't any other characters you can use yet.

You can just jump over the holes or just walk on the walks to avoid the holes. You can easily pass this level.

This is one of the few levels that can be beaten by just walking or running without jumping easily. As for the Pastafarian, you don't even have to move and beat the level except for the jump that goes past the barrier, and technically, that is not included in this level. It should be merely an obstacle to force you watch the controls.

This is the easiest level in the game, no doubt. This level is for beginners. yet still, there are levels that are easier than this level, such as Level 3, and the Launch Sites levels.

Walkthrough Edit

Run 3 Level 100:29

Run 3 Level 1

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