Introduction Edit

Below is a gallery of all the Infinite Mode levels by ID number.

The Infinite Mode levels are pre-designed levels that you play in the Infinite Mode endlessly and randomly until you fail. There are many individual levels, shown below. The following ID numbers do not appear in the gallery because the levels were scrapped:

Level 7 - This was scrapped because it contained bouncy tiles, which Player 03 decided not to include (except in the Level Editor).

Level 10 - This had to be scrapped because it contained inverse gravity tiles, which couldn't be used as the camera didn't point down quick enough for you to see where you were going to land. It also contained the nonrotating tile, another unused tile.

Level 11 - This was scrapped because it contained inverse gravity tiles. This also has bouncy tiles.

Level 92 - This was rejected because it was long, easy, and had too many fast conveyors.

Level 271 - This id-number was missed out by mistake. 

Level 277 - Player 03 removed this because he thought it was too hard for Infinite Mode. It has been reused as Plan C, part 10

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